Nursing In Public Hotline 844-NIP-FREE

Best for Babes is taking action against nursing in public (NIP) harassment. We believe in protecting the legal, civil and human rights of breastfeeding moms and babies!

Best for Babes is the first consumer-driven cause focused on righting the wrongs and the harm done to the millions of moms and babies who each year suffer from the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R) — the cultural, legal and institutional barriers that prevent them from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals which include making moms feel lousy about engaging in a behavior which is as good for us all as exercise and as instinctive as hugging. The fact is moms in the USA endure an obstacle course of Booby Traps trying to get breastfeeding going and the lucky few who make it are being bullied and even discriminated against for feeding their babies in public. How can we let this happen? Mothers and babies are our most vulnerable and precious population and they deserve full cultural, institutional, and legal support –cheering, coaching and celebration — certainly not degradation and sabotage.

Until we have a federal law that covers breastfeeding harassment and discrimination, OR until the existing laws in 49 states which do make breastfeeding in public a legal right are ALL changed to include enforcement provisions, until businesses institute not only breastfeeding policies, but training sessions to educate and sensitize their employees about how to treat breastfeeding customers to go along with those policies, our deep cultural prejudices will bleed through and this problem will persist. The question then became how do we influence and expedite the change we so badly need?

The Best for Babes NIP Hotline 844-NIP-FREE will revolutionize and increase our chances of quickly and more effectively accomplishing broad and lasting societal change!

What is the hotline?

The hotline is the one place to report and the one place to record NIP incidents. We believe having records of as many incidents as possible, even if the family chooses not to take action on their own, will be instrumental as proof when we take big steps, like encouraging companies or legislators to make real changes. Documenting for the media, families, companies and our legislators of exactly how many problems mothers have is something we haven’t had before. With this form of organization, the potential is BIG!

The Hotline is being managed by Elizabeth Gooding.  Elizabeth’s team is comprised of influential and well-versed volunteers who have faced NIP harassment themselves, who can offer support to families faced with NIP harassment and suggestions on how they too can harness their energy to help other mothers and babies by strengthening legislation, raising awareness about the rights of the breastfeeding pair, and fixing this problem!

How does it work?

  • Families who have been victimized through a NIP incident will call 844-NIP-FREE and report the issue to Best For Babes.
  • When families call our hotline, you’ll be asked to record a message, giving us some information about what you experienced.
  • One of the members of our team will return the call of the caller, if desired. Rest assured everyone manning the phones and having access to the information you give us truly has your best interest at heart, and most of us have been exactly where you are.
  • Our volunteers are there to help aggrieved mothers understand what their rights are, to help moms navigate through their situation and suggest ways to approach the offending institution, as well as refer moms to become active in their state breastfeeding coalitions. We want to help be a guiding hand in what can be a very frustrating and emotional time.
  • All of the incidents will be recorded but your personal information will be kept private.


Also, please consider giving $5 to keep it alive! Donations from moms (or anyone!) will help us make sure we can keep our hotline going, and get phone calls returned to moms quickly! We’ll also have bumper stickers and business cards with the phone number, so you can hand them out to anyone you see nursing her baby.

We encourage all organizations to join us and to promote the use of the hotline.

What the hotline isn’t

Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to talk about breastfeeding in general – and we do! — we are not able to answer your calls about breastfeeding concerns or offer medical advice. For questions of that nature we encourage you to contact your local La Leche League or Breastfeeding USA chapter, contact an IBCLC, or go to

The Harassment Hotline are intended to provide legal counsel or advice though we do have a Legal Advisory Steering Committee.

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