Volunteer with Best for Babes

Volunteer Program 

Our nonprofit is building an army  — a Babe Army — whose mission it is to change the 360 degree world around moms and babies so that every expecting and new mom has a fair shot at breastfeeding and providing human milk!  But shifting cultural attitudes and eliminating deeply-entrenched institutional barriers is a huge job and is going to take legions of us banding together!  We need your support!

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of Best for Babes.  Most of us, including the co-founders—are giving our all into the wee hours as a labor of love.

We currently are looking for amazing people to fill these positions: 

Communications and Marketing Manager

Do you have a background in PR/Communications/Marketing? Do you want to become a key player in advancing the human milk/breastfeeding cause—the Mother of All—in your spare time? Personable, organized, detail-oriented volunteer needed 5 – 10 hr/week to work with Best for Babe’s Outreach and Communications team to draft promotional plans, press releases, maintain media contacts, facilitate marketing campaigns, draft basic collateral, create timelines, help plan events and act as liaison between internal and external event partners, Ideal background: copy-editing, promotion/PR, basic graphic design, event planning. Contact volunteer@bestforbabes.org to discuss.

Media Relations Manager

Do you long to see more accurate and empowering mainstream media coverage about breastfeeding and human milk? Use your skills to make it happen! Motivated volunteer with a background in media relations needed 5-10 hr/week to cultivate and manage relationships and communication with media outlets, alert media to newsworthy issues, work with outlets to publish timely information, and help ensure Best for Babes brand messaging is consistent. Best of all, you’d be working directly with Best for Babes co-founder Bettina Forbes. Contact volunteer@bestforbabes.org to discuss.

Editor in Chief/Senior Editor, Best for Babes Blog

Wield the power of the written word to help Best for Babes eliminate the Booby Traps. Experienced writer, editor, and manager needed 5-10 hr/week to oversee all six Best for Babes blog columns and their respective editors and manage day-to-day publication operations, budgets, and strategies for increasing readership. As an added amazing bonus, work directly with both Best for Babes co-founders, Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg. If you might be the right person for this high-impact position, please contact volunteer@bestforbabes.org to discuss.

Celebrity Outreach & Management Director

Do you want to see more celebrities use their influence to inspire expecting and new moms to breastfeed? Do you want to see celebrities use their enormous reach to educate about the barriers to breastfeeding, and how to overcome them, to advocate for better public policies on healthcare, employment, and nursing in public? Do you want to see celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Bono, and Ashley Judd help fundraise for our cause and give presentations to Congress when needed? Would you like to see the entire breastfeeding donor milk and healthy infant feeding community benefit from celebrity leadership? If you love to follow what celebrities are up to, have excellent writing skills, strong social media skills, are extremely diplomatic, patient, and persistent, this is the job for you. If you have 5-10 volunteer hours per week available, in this position, you could work closely with Best for Babes co-founders Danielle Rigg and Bettina Forbes to cultivate celebrities, conduct interviews, write blog posts, manage relationships, and develop strategy. Contact volunteer@bestforbabes.org to discuss.

Social Media Team

Social media is an important arm of our Education and Outreach team. We need a few media-savvy people to help moderate, find content, and expand our reach on social media. Currently, we are looking for people to help us with:

If you love working with social media and want to help further our cause, contact sara@bestforbabes.org to discuss.

Harassment Hotline

Since it opened in 2012, our Harassment Hotline Project has handled over 450 calls from moms who have been harassed or discriminated against for breastfeeding in public and at work.   We currently are looking for volunteers for the following jobs:

  • Grantwriter
  • Caller Response Team

If you are interested in volunteering to support our Hotline, and our corporate and legislative action efforts, contact michelle@bestforbabes.org to discuss.  

Don’t see a volunteer role outlined above that suits you, but still want to pitch in? Contact us!  We need you!  

We wouldn’t be Best for Babes if we didn’t throw in some extra glam garb and swag for those we love!

  • Min of 20 hours of service within three months:  BFB-branded tee shirt. Volunteer’s choice from our store.
  • Min of 40 hours of service within three months:  Melinda G for BFB Nursing Cami.
  • Min of 60 hours of service within three months: BFB-branded Cell Phone Case— the ultimate solidarity symbol and THANK YOU for Nursing in Public sign – just flash it!

Melinda G logo Volunteer Program sponsorA very, very special thanks to our C.A.R.E.-Code Ally MelindaG for sponsoring the Best for Babes Volunteer Program!  








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