Best for Babes in the Press

January 2011

Federal Initiative Aims to Make Life Easier for Breastfeeding Moms This article by the publisher of Prevention, Men’s Health and Women’s Health discusses not only the barriers but gives moms a guide to navigating the “blocks” that keep moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.
Breastfeeding: It Takes A Village to Help Moms Succeed quotes Best for Babes on the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding and the barriers facing moms.
ABC News Houston Covers the Leaky B@@B’s fight against Facebook over the removal, reinstatement, and removal (again) of their breastfeeding support page. Please note that Bettina Forbes did not say that there is “no breastfeeding network”. Of course there is LLLI, ILCA, etc.! What I really said was that moms turn to The Leaky Boob because “there is no solid breastfeeding infrastructure” in U.S., i.e. only 3% baby-friendly hospitals; and doctors, nurses, health care that are not required to be educated in basics of lactation management.
Best for Babes’ New Years Resolutions for Breastfeeding: Take Control of Your Goals!

December 2010 Moms & Babies (Celebrity Baby Blog) posts our tips on “How to Beat the Holiday Breastfeeding Booby Traps“.
The Journal of Breastfeeding Medicine: A Website Review of by Anne Eglash, MD, FABM. Breastfeeding Medicine. December 2010, 5(6): 321-321. doi:10.1089/bfm.2010.9983. We love this very favorable review that starts out with “thank goodness for Best for Babes.”!

October 2010

The LA Times features a full page of our “Top Five Breastfeeding Tips from the Best for Babes Foundation.” The Issue featured Tiffani Thiessen on the cover. Pregnancy and Wellness Report by MediaPlanet
The Family Groove names Best for Babes Charity of the Month!

September 2010’s The Stir names Best for Babes #4 (!) on their list of The 50 Best Breastfeeding Resources on the Web, a huge honor as we are a relative newcomer compared to, La Leche League and who are in spots 1-3!

August 2010 Moms & Babies names Best for Babes to their Celebrity Baby Blog blogroll!
Dr. Wendy Walsh discusses Best for Babes on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight (sorry, no video available)

July 2010

Fit Pregnancy August/September 2010: BYOBoobz(TM) Parties are announced! BYOBoobz Parties will take our fight to beat the booby traps™ into the living-rooms of Babes across the nation.
Plenty of Babes but No Booze at Some BYOB Parties” Aol news breaks the story of our plan to organize house parties to help moms beat the booby traps™!

April 2010

Best for Babes Co-Founder Bettina Forbes is quoted in a great story on the rising use of donor milk banks, and the Human Milk Bank Association of North America. Actress Alysia Reiner, a Best for Babes Champion for Moms, talks about donating her milk so a friend who struggled with breastfeeding could give her baby human milk. To read more about Alysia’s moving story, click here.

February 2010

“Fit Pregnancy – Feb/March 2010 gives a full-page shout-out (in the Bump*a*licious section) to moms about the power & glamour of nursing in public. Best for Babes again weighs in as the new voice of breastfeeding by stating that the true scandal is not nursing in public (NIP) but that moms are being prevented from ‘making an informed decision about nursing and to carry[ing] it out.”

November 2009

SHAPE Magazine features Best for Babes co-founder Danielle Rigg as one of “Ten Women Who Shape the World” in the November 2009 Issue. The power list of ten women is headed off by First Lady Michelle Obama, and the inclusion of breastfeeding as an important health and women’s rights issue is testimony to how Best for Babes is reaching influential media to reshape the cause. By including a glamorous picture of a mom nursing with the help of a lactation counselor “coach”, SHAPE, a non-parenting, non-pregnancy, popular mainstream magazine, is helping us to change the public perception of breastfeeding and position it in the paradigm of the fitness industry. Breastfeeding, like exercise, is good for you and your baby, and while you may have some hurdles at first, is worth sticking with for the amazing benefits and feel-good effect.

August 2009

ABC 33/40’s “Talk of Alabama” suggests moms go to our website for breastfeeding preparation information.
Celebrity Babies Features Best for Babes’ exclusive breastfeeding interview with ‘Gossip Girl’ Actress Kelly Rutherford. For the full interview, see our post here.
1010WINS 1010 WINS, New York City’s #1 AM radio station (All News, Weather & Traffic, All the Time) runs clips of Best for Babes Co-Founder Bettina Forbes discussing the “Booby Traps” with Reporter Alice Stockton-Rossini.
FitPreg 0809 Fit Pregnancy features the Best for Babes Ad Campaign in their “News to Use” editorial section; stresses our efforts to expose the ‘Booby Traps’ so more moms can achieve their breastfeeding goals.

July 2009

momtrendsnyc copy interviewed Best for Babes about the ground-breaking ad campaign, and asked us for info on the best NYC resources, and our breastfeeding “must-haves.”

June 2009

NJ Monthly New Jersey Monthly’s NJ My Way talks about the Best for Babes Ad Campaign and the importance of knowing the benefits as well as the booby traps.

March 2009

Best for Babes takes on Hannah Rosin’s “The Case Against Breastfeeding” with a blog for Mom’s Rising. The gist of our view? Hannah Rosing overlooked a big dirty secret: Women who WANT to breastfeed are being “booby-trapped” by cultural and institutional barriers to breastfeeding, and that doesn’t serve feminism at all when 60% of moms can’t fully exercise their right to breastfeed.

October 2008

The Family Groove The Family Groove calls the Best for Babes Foundation “progressive and very hip.”

September 2008

MoneyWellSpent Best for Babes is discussed in Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy by Paul Brest (President of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation) and Hal Harvey (President, Climate Works Foundation).

August 2008

Celebrity Babies “Breastfeed Twins like Angelina Jolie!” BfB collaborates with CBB on story, brings in advice from leading experts.
Fit Pregnancy 15th Anniversary Issue: Best for Babes is quoted in headlines, along with Harvey Karp, M.D., Halle Berry, and Ricki Lake!”The hardest time to learn about breastfeeding is after the baby is born, when you are exhausted, vulnerable, and at the mercy of booby traps — myths, misinformation and well-meaning but ill-informed professionals and family members.”

May 2008

Celebrity Babies Exclusive breastfeeding interview with superstar athlete, model, and health & fitness spokesperson Gabrielle Reece.

April 2008

She Knows “Treat preparing for breastfeeding like working out, planning a wedding or interviewing for a job. The worst time to learn about breastfeeding is after the baby is born when you’re exhausted, vulnerable and your self-confidence is low.”– Best for Babes

Fit Pregnancy, February 2008

Fit Pregnancy Cover “Women don’t need more pressure and guilt…[t]hey need to see people like themselves who incorporate nursing into their lives.” –Best for Babes

Stork Magazine, August 2007

Stork Magazine August 2007 - PDF format Check out our launch with the cover of Stork Magazine‘s August 2007 issue!BfB is bringing new moms positive and inspiring images and messages, great celebrity and every day role-models, evidence-based, smart info and stylish products. “I was one of those women myself who wasn’t initially keen on breastfeeding, even though I knew it had many benefits, so I can identify with women who are ‘on the fence'” says Forbes. “Many of my friends and peers didn’t identify with the traditional breastfeeding image, either, and like me were not adequately motivated or prepared, so we ended up with problems that could easily have been avoided.” Stork Magazine, August 2007

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