Media, Outreach & Education Alliance

Media AllianceThe media is everywhere and plays a critical role in educating people about infant and maternal health issues. Mothers, families and the mainstream are being bombarded with messages about infant feeding, including breastfeeding, pumping, donor milk, and proper use of human milk substitutes when necessary or desired. Unfortunately, not all of these messages are reliable, and even worse, may sabotage informed decision-making by parents and healthcare providers. The Best for Babes Media, Outreach & Education Alliance includes only those outlets (traditional and social media outlets, educational websites, bloggers, Facebook pages, etc.) that have pledged to uphold the core tenets of the Best for Babes C.A.R.E. Code, including our CREDO and the International Code, and to support and protect vulnerable mothers, babies and families. Membership in the C.A.R.E. Code Alliance runs from September 1 – August 31. Click HERE for more information about our criteria and how to become a C.A.R.E. Code Ally. Click HERE for more information on the benefits of becoming a Media Ally. To learn more about aligning your media, outreach or education outlet further with Best for Babes, email

Badass Breastfeeder

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