Our Mission

The mission of Best for Babes is to change the cultural perception of breastfeeding and Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®–the cultural, institutional and legal barriers that prevent parents from making informed feeding decisions and that prevent moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals (whether that’s 2 days, 2 months or 2 years) without judgment, pressure or guilt.

Background to our Mission

The amazing health, economic and environmental benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for six months or more are well-established.  Moms know this — they want to breastfeed. But sadly, very few of those who start or plan to start make it past the first few days — they struggle and suffer unnecessarily and give up, understandably, long before they intended to.  Too often, it’s not their fault!  They are being set up to fail by the very people and places that are supposed to help them — by the Booby Traps— the many cultural and institutional barriers that prevent them from achieving their personal feeding goals.

BFB’s mission is to help turn this situation around by bringing the power and influence of a consumer-driven, celebrity and corporate-backed, mainstream independent nonprofit –the Mother of All Causes —to bear on this issue;  to help create permanent  culture change that embraces, celebrates and supports breastfeeding and moms!  As a nonprofit foundation, we serve and complement the heroic, long-term efforts of the existing breastfeeding community and we lend added value by being able to harness and leverage the collective power of celebrities, corporations, foundations, the public sector, advertising, the medical community and the media.

At the same time, BFB is helping new moms be by shifting the pressure off of them and onto the Booby Traps! Moms don’t need more pressure, judgment or guilt.  They need solutions and to be inspired, prepared, and empowered™ and cheered on, coached and celebrated to a strong finish with positive images and messages, great celebrity and everyday role-models, and smart info on how to get their best game on to make nursing work in their modern, multitasking lifestyles!

In short, We are doing for breastfeeding what the 1991 Demi Moore/Vanity Fair cover did for maternity (launched a cultural celebration of pregnancy), what Nike™ and Michael Jordan did to make exercise a desirable habit (change behavior), and what Susan G. Komen, (Red), March of Dimes and others have done to prioritize and fund other public health crises of epic proportions (engage and empower the mainstream to fight for better care to avoid and manage disease).  Doesn’t breastfeeding — a primary building-block of health –deserve a Bono too!  Click here for more about the method to our madness — our mission, model, method and messaging.

Low U.S. breastfeeding rates cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars and affect all of us. Low income and minority populations are being hit hardest with health problems they can least afford, health problems like obesity, diabetes, asthma and allergies that that are exacerbated by low breastfeeding rates. Social marketing is a cost effective and expedient way to change the culture and spur system-wide support structures to help millions of mothers succeed.




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