Where the Money Goes

Who we are: Best for Babes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and the only mainstream consumer-driven cause for healthy infant feeding.   We are building a true cause the likes of March of Dimes, St. Judes and others to bring about a total sea change in the way our society views and supports breastfeeding and human milk by harnessing the power of moms, celebrities, companies, advertising, the media and the medical community to put pressure on the barriers — the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®— not moms!

We are primarily a volunteer organization. We are powered by two cofounders, a few freelancers, a governing Board of Directors, an Advisory Board and a handful of volunteers — all of us donate the majority of our time. We rely exclusively on the generosity of our supporters and followers to help us do the groundbreaking work we do.

What we do:   1. We create campaigns, events and programs that educate the mainstream, change attitudes and behaviors, and expedite institutional and legal change.  Think of it this way, the formula industry spends billions every year marketing formula feeding; Best for Babes is like the PR/marketing arm for the healthy infant feeding cause and markets breastfeeding, donor human milk, informed decision-making, empowered parents, ethical providers, organizations, solutions, resources and cultural acceptance  . . . all in a way that the mainstream can embrace and assimilate so that everyone can reap the individual, societal, and environmental benefits of breastfeeding and human milk, the foundation of human health.  2. We share.  We leverage our national brand to serve as a fundraising arm to benefit other nonprofit stakeholders in the healthy infant feeding community, e.g., our Miracle Milk™ Stroll , which directs funds to other organizations, see below.  

Where your dollars go: When you donate to Best for Babes, your dollars are going directly toward helping expecting and new moms & babies by supporting our capacity to run our educational, awareness-building, marketing and advocacy initiatives.  

Best for Babes PROVIDES: 

  • A Trusted Gateway to Resources, News and Education. Since 2007, BFB has pioneered shifting the conversation away from putting pressure on moms to illuminating and eliminating the barriers.  Our no judgment, no pressure, no guilt approach and our mainstream brand and image enable us to reach more moms than any other breastfeeding nonprofit. We put the insider-scoop about breastfeeding directly into the hands of parents through our website, six-column blog, and Facebook page, so they can make informed feeding-decisions and navigate and avoid the Booby Traps®, including providing information for moms who decide not to or can’t breastfeed about donor milk and formula;
  • Public Service Campaigns that Change the Game.  Our Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps® campaign shifted the entire paradigm around breastfeeding from benefits to barriers and opened a lot of doors for advocacy.  Our current Miracle Milk™Campaign and Stroll is raising awareness of the life-saving power of human milk in the NICU (and everyday) and is rallying the U.S. and Canada behind the foundation of human health.  Our first Advertising Campaign — The Miracle Isn’t the Bra, et al., appeared full page in Fit Pregnancy, USA Today and Mom & Baby Magazine.  The Miracle ad was included in the summer 2012 blockbuster hit What to Expect When You are Expecting starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez!
  • A Nursing Harassment Hotline: Help for Moms Who Experience Discrimination, Reprisal and Humiliation for Breastfeeding in Public or at Work.  The first-of-its-kind, the 1-844-NIP-FREE hotline has helped over 250 parents per year since it opened, providing moms with a vital resource, documents incidents, coalesces existing efforts, and puts pressure on businesses and societies to change. We are galvanizing a “babe army” to demand an end to the bullying against breastfeeding moms. 
  • National Fundraising Campaigns that Engage the General Public and Benefit Other Breastfeeding Orgs — Team Best for Babes and it’s Spring and Fall Events.  T Our Mother’s Day Weekend Miracle Milk™ Stroll put the power of change directly in the hands of community members and gives them a goal-driven way to support the Mother of All Causes!  Our Spring Event benefit other breastfeeding and maternal/infant health organizations, e.g., Breastfeeding USA, HMBANA, USLCA, NECSociety, ROSE, with more to come as we grow them!
  • The First Celebrity Cabinet to Raise Awareness of the Breastfeeding Cause. Celebrities can be hugely persuasive and influential at changing public opinion and lobbying for change at the legislative level.  We are building the first cabinet to do both.  Our Celebrity Breastfeeding Interviews are chock-full of info and resources and are read by millions, influencing the way people view and support breastfeeding, and educating expecting and new mothers. Our Celebrity Events are covered by major media and followed by millions.  Our Celebrity Champions for Moms include actors, Olympic Athletes and an NFL Player!;
  • Voice for Moms in the Mainstream Press we keep the media focused on the evidence and the real story — moms are being Booby-Trapped and they need help!;
  • The First Consumer Seal/Reward Program to put Positive Pressure on Businesses to Protect Healthy Infant Feeding. Our C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance markets to moms and the media businesses that follow our CREDO and the International Code of the Fair Marketing of Infant Milk Substitutes.  By doing so we are encouraging other businesses to get in line, driving consumer demand and spending toward those that deserve it, raising awareness in the mainstream of the Code, and providing a potential ethical source of funding for breastfeeding and health organizations to turn to as the Alliance grows;
  • Strategic Partnerships to Include Breastfeeding and Human Milk in the PREVENTION Conversation. E.g., World Pneumonia Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and other health/disease foundations and researchers.


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