Miracle Milk™ Stroll Coordinator Responsibilities

IMG_1076Thinking about hosting a Miracle Milk™ Mother’s Day Stroll near you? Fantastic!  Please read the Coordinator’s Expectations below. If you decide you’re ready to take an active role in raising awareness of the power of human milk by grabbing a few friends (or a crowd) to stroll simply fill out this form and we can get started! 

Coordinators will be expected to:

  1. Select a place in their community to stroll & be responsible for ensuring that no special clearance is required to gather. Remember, this is not a walk, a race, or a demonstration.  It’s a social gathering in support of a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN during which we will take a stroll down the mall or around the park a few times, wearing our Miracle Milk T-shirts.  We’ll invite friends, family and the media. Think birthday party in the park, or just a casual walk with friends to celebrate a special occasion — the first national campaign for human and donor milk! Focus on common areas that do not necessarily require permits for this type of gathering — malls, parks, or perhaps property owned by a breastfeeding-friendly business, e.g., birthing center, yoga studio, doctor’s office.  We would prefer you pick a place that does not require a permit in the interest of time — if we have to file we’ll need to do so by April 9.  But if you live somewhere where one is easily obtained that’s OK too!
  2. Set the time of day and duration. The time to meet and duration of the event is up to you, but be sure to check into any other events happening in the area.  For length of the Stroll, we think a two hour window is about right — assemble, stroll, socialize & have fun, maybe talk to media.
  3. Invite a few friends or a crowd to attend — there is no minimum number of participants but sky is the limit.  You can always split up into two locations if turnout exceeds our wildest…and we hope it does 🙂
  4. Enroll a copilot to help with onsite details. Find a co-coordinator or a friend to help you with details and clean up. Be sure to send us their contact info so that they can be included in our email blasts to coordinators.
  5. Help promote their local event and encourage participation with our memes and posters by sharing the event on your personal social media channels, through your networks, and posting print materials in local venues, if that’s a possibility.  We will share our graphics with you to make social media posting easy. A downloadable poster in letter size is available on our landing page.  A grab-n-go badge is also available on our landing page for those of you with websites.  We also have artwork available for professional printing in larger sizes if you see a need for it.  Information about local sponsorhip will be available soon.
  6. Post information about their local event on a Facebook EVENT page we create for them and which the coordinator administers. The Events page is a great tool to share details of time and place with local participants, promote and manage attendance.  We will give you any assistance you need to run your local event page! We will also link your local event page to our main FB/miraclemilkstroll page. 
  7. Media.  It is our aim to have a media presence at every location, which we will help facilitate if you are not comfortable.  If you are contacted by the media or arrange for the media to attend our event, please let Event Manager, Michelle Hickman know. More tips for handling the local media will be coming in future emails. Remember, this is a friendly gathering, not a demonstration.
  8. Uphold our credo:  BFB is a judgment- and pressure-free zone. We support ALL moms because we know that ALL moms do what’s best for them and their babes based on the information, support and resources available to them. It’s imperative that all our volunteers agree to abide by the Best for Babes Credo (below) in their capacity as Coordinators for the MMMDS™. This includes all communications and acts on behalf of BFB, including but not limited to: all correspondence, posts on social media, during media interviews, and in person and telephone call exchanges.

Best for Babes CredoALL moms deserve to make a truly informed feeding decision and to be cheered on, coached and celebrated without pressure, judgment or guilt.
ALL breastfeeding moms deserve to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals without being undermined by cultural & institutional Booby Traps.
All moms who decide not to, or are unable to breastfeed, deserve information about and access to safe donor milk – the next best substitute to a mother’s own milk.



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