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One of the biggest “booby traps” to breastfeeding successfully is the lack of support for moms who plan to go back to work after giving birth.   Not only does the U.S. rank poorly on maternity-leave policies among industrialized nations; moms are still not being given proper accommodations to pump at work and some face discrimination and harrassment.  Fortunately, things are changing and lots of moms use their persistence, creativity and ingenuity to make it work.  Smart companies know that supporting breastfeeding is to their advantage:  lower health care costs,  fewer sick days, less turnover, higher employee morale are just a few of the cost savings.   And let’s not forget that moms are generally better employees because they are simply more efficient and supreme multi-taskers!

Fortunately, there are a few great resources for working moms.   We are getting this section started and more is coming soon!  We also hope to be able to list companies that are best supporters of breastfeeding moms AND comply with the International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes–meaning that they don’t give out free formula  (and sadly, a few of the companies on the annual list from Working Mother magazine do). 

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work for the latest in workplace policies, best resources for working moms, and our easy 5-step plan that covers everything you need to know about nursing on the job.

Top 5 Questions: Going Back to Work    This is a blog we did with Kirsten Berggren, a mom dedicated to helping you succeed, and she answered our most FAQ in one neat spot.  A must-read.

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