Ways to Advocate and Cheer Moms On

Advocacy for Super Babes

Here are a few suggestions of ways to advocate for moms and babies to transform your community, rebuild the broken circle of breastfeeding and cheer moms on!

  • Take Action on the Top Campaigns listed on our home page.
  • Host breastfeeding events in your area: There are many positive events that gather breastfeeding moms together every year, between the Big Latch On and the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge, to name a few. Sign up to host one of these events in your community and reach out to breastfeeding moms. Band together and support one another!
  • Mentor other moms to meet their goals: Put your passion to work for  breastfeeding.  Look into becoming a breastfeeding counselor through WIC, La Leche League, or getting certified through Health Education Associates.  You can also become a leader of a breastfeeding organization’s support groups, such as Breastfeeding USA or La Leche League.
  • Cheer ’em on in private and in public: Give the “You Go Girl” sign to another nursing mom when you see her!
  • Join your State’s Breastfeeding Coalition

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