Testimonials & What People are Saying about Best for Babes


“What a great mission! I think changing the public perception of breastfeeding is exactly what is needed – there are so many resources out there but really, culturally it is the public perception which holds so many people back.” –Emma

“I wanted to thank all of you for what you do. With my daughter I didn’t know very much, just what I was told. My family doesn’t really breastfeed and I got no support to do so. The LC at the hospital tried to help me, but I was not fully armed with the information I needed before hand. I was uncomfortable breastfeeding any where other than home. I ended up giving in to formula and pumping as much as I could when I went back to work. I pumped for 7 months, but it was never enough for her. I had my son in august and have been fully breastfeeding since! You armed me with the information I needed to feed my baby the way I want to, and helped me feel comfortable doing so no matter where I am. I think my previous experience helped because I knew it would not be easy, but thanks to you I was aware of the booby traps I needed to avoid to make feeding my baby easier. Thank you so much for all of your help, I don’t know if I would have made it with out our advice. Thank you!”

I am so glad to find a network of women that UNDERSTAND! Thank you! –Bonnie

“Thank you for the info on this website… it is my new helpful link for friends who are new moms or expecting moms. I had a painful, difficult experience breastfeeding and in the midst of it would rather desperately trawl the internet looking for support ~ I wish this site had existed then! Truly, reading the section on Booby Traps was helpful even now as I reflect on the experience.”  —Susan, comment fromPhdinparenting.com post on BfB Ad Campaign

“Your words of encouragement and your foundation are what us new moms need to keep us going and doing our best to provide the best nutrition and health for our babies!  Keep up the great work and best of luck on your campaign!” — Grace Shea, Alexandria, VA

If only, if only I had these resources at the time that I gave birth to my daughter.  My hopes and attempt to breastfeed were disasterous. I got everything from, “you’re too old at 43” to “your breasts must have scar tissue” to absolutely NO support when it came to all the pain and the pumping. I got a lot of supposed professionals telling me that “…it’s really OK to formula feed your child, she’ll be just fine.” Molly and I lived through it, but it was not OK at all. Reading about your work and learning more about resources out there is very inspiring. –MariSusan L., New Jersey

“Thanks for all that you do for women around the world, the message is sublime.” –Jacqui


Best for Babes is one of the many things I am thankful for this year.  Keep up the great work! — Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA, author of Breastfeeding Made Simple:  Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Moms

“Wishing you every success with your website. I love the tone. I think it will really speak to today’s mothers.” –Kristen Panzer, IBCLC, Millerton, NY

“The work you do is hugely important. . . What if  . . . we had we had a smart policymaker willing to think hard about work and family issues, across the board, with breastfeeding as just one part of a larger and spirited national conversation?  Here’s what we need: we need Michelle Obama.”  –Jill Lepore, Pulitzer Prize Finalist and Professor, Harvard University, in response to a question about her article in The New Yorker.

This wonderful organization set out to change the public perception of breastfeeding. They are amazing. Look at their posts on avoiding the Boobie-traps and see how support can make all the difference in the world to a Mom trying to feed her child. Breastfeeding is perfectly normal but it is also a learned skill. And support goes a long way when you know what you want but are unsure how to get it. — Susan (Sam) Slear, RN, IBCLC, on the Breastfeeding Help Center Facebook page

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