Team WGYBB Fun Family Activities Ideas

Family Fun Fit Afternoon.  Find a local park that has fitness markers. Follow the trail and do the exercises. End with a potluck lunch or picnic. No fitness markers….Get some off the Internet, print them and position them along a simple course.

Kite flying in a grassy park.  kites are inexpensive, and often take a bit of running. Go Fly a Kite with Team We Got Your Back Babe!

Take a walk after dinner three times a week, for all of August or September.  On a specified day, meet up with all your team members and do a 2-3 mile evening walk together. Check in with one another to support meeting your goals of 3 times a week.

Family bike ride through the neighborhood. Pick a safe route and meet up. Go over bike safety with everyone first.

Swim to live.  If you have access to a pool, do some lap swimming, water aerobics, or tread water for an hour on a designated day. If you want to make a team behind this…choose a community pool that has lap swimming hours and give out the info to your team members.

Enjoy a playground at a park or a school.  Bring some sports volleyball…shoot hoops..

Day at the races:  Old fashioned games.  Sack race. wheel barrow race, add non-competitive games too.

Frisbee Play.  It’s fun and lots of husband and I did this on July 4th. Our family also played softball, and had a water balloon toss.  Try Ultimate Frisbee!

Hopscotch. Use sidewalk chalk to draw hopscotch figures on a playground, and make it a fun maze of rotating games.  Even adults like doing this.

Hula Hoop a-thon.  There are lots of hula hoop games. and it is really good exercise too.  or

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