Team Leader Responsibilities

Dear Prospective Team Best for Babes® Leader!

Thank you so much for raising your hand to help Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps® by volunteering to lead a Team Best for Babes® in your area!  As you may know, Team BfB is a new initiative but with your help and the support of others like you across the country, we are hopeful that our numbers will grow exponentially and help to elevate the Mother of All Prevention to the Mother of All Causes!

In general, we intend for Team BFB to be a fun and fabulous program in an easy format.  We do need to put some parameters in place, however, so here are the basic requirements we have outlined for Team Leaders.  We are also always open to input and suggestions so please feel free to comment!  Contact us @ with any questions. 

 Team Best for Babes® Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Create your Team on our site!  Each Team Leader will have a login and password and the ability to customize the Team page (as well as your own individual fundraising page!).
  • Select an initial event to kick off your local Team BfB.  The type of race is up to you, but be sure to choose an event you think will resonate with your community and engender support. Expecting and new moms may feel like shorter distances are more achievable, but we’re open to other sports or challenge-distances if you think you’ve got the support for it – and Dads are delighted to Race for their Babes too!  Our Team Leader Coordinator is available to help you decide and should sign off on the event choice @
  • Work with us to set the minimum fundraising commitment for the specific race chosen. This is typically based on a multiple of the entrance fee for the race, i.e., entry x 5, and puts most team commitments in the $150-350 range. Either you or we can get in touch with the local race director to see if we can get a reduced entrance fee.  We don’t require this, but have already had some luck with getting discounts for a “block” of entrance fees as a charitable organization.
  • Manage logistics of Team Members. There is no minimum number of Team Members required. When a new recruit registers for your Team, we expect you to follow-up with them in a reasonable amount of time, to keep a roster of participants, and to make sure that each Team Member knows about the deadline for funds to be submitted (generally two weeks before race-day) and for registering with the race (if we haven’t secured another arrangement with the race director). 
  • Help recruit Team Members through personal and local social channels. We will provide you with BFB-approved language for insertion in your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We prefer that you use our provided language or clear any modifications with us to ensure the tone and message are in keeping with BFB’s mission of cheering, coaching and celebrating moms whatever they decide about infant feeding. 
  • Cheer on Team Members as they prepare for the race, particularly if it is a longer race that requires training.  Make sure they know about our Team BFB FB page and our Team the Babe is Back FB Group. Some team leaders organize team training runs, which is a great idea, but is certainly not required.
  • Coordinate distribution of Team shirts and other incentive gifts.  We need Team Member shirt sizes and donations 2 weeks before the race so we can have the shirts delivered to you in time.  If Team BfB has paid race fees, participants who don’t meet the minimum will also be expected to reimburse the race fees.
  • Communicate and Coordinate Race–Day Logistics to Team.  We aim to have sponsored Team BFB Goodie Packs and treats for our Team Members so pick a spot to meet before or after the race to revel in your accomplishments!
  • If you are interested in writing a blog post about your Team or a specific race, let us know!  We love to spread the word about the new kid on the Cause circuit!

Here’s to putting Prevention in First Place!


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