Help Moms Beat the “Booby Traps” with Best for Babes Ad Campaign

Click here to run this wonderful public service ad campaign on your website or blog–over 150 bloggers/websites have joined! 

In May 2009, the Best for Babes Foundation launched a gr0und-breaking public service awareness (PSA) campaign around the breastfeeding and human milk public health issue. The ad campaign is ongoing and has appeared in Fit Pregnancy, Mom & Baby Magazine, and USA Today.  In 2011 it is being made available to partner organizations.  

Purpose of the Campaign:  

1) To change the public perception of breastfeeding, bringing about a cultural acceptance and appreciation for breastfeeding and human milk,  

2) To take pressure off moms and put it on the many barriers—a.k.a. “the booby traps”—that keep moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.

3) To cheer on, coach and celebrate ALL moms and direct them to the best resources for education and support.

 Why it Works: 

  • The ad campaign is fresh and provocative with an arresting visual and a much needed sense of humor.   The stunning image and message engages, inspires and motivates viewers to change their thinking around this issue and to be part of the solution.  The ads have been embraced by breastfeeding moms and non-breastfeeding moms as well as the general public and have generated no negative publicity or reaction.
  • The six-figure ad campaign was donated completely pro-bono by Frank About Women, the nation’s leading marketing-to-women communications firm.  Frank About Women has produced ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and are experts on what works with women.
  • Leading breastfeeding experts and celebrities endorse the campaign, including Ruth Lawrence, M.D., Founder of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and Chair of the Breastfeeding Section of the American Academy of Pediatrics; Joan Meek, M.D. Chair of the United States Breastfeeding Committee; actress and best-selling author Marilu Henner, athlete and author Gabrielle Reece, and ‘Gossip Girl’ star and new mom Kelly Rutherford. The campaign is being backed by a growing alliance of corporate sponsors, including Earth Mama Angel Baby, My Brest Friend, Hotslings, Pumpease, and My Baby Experts.

The Ads:

Economic Stimulus Packages, June/July 2009 Fit Pregnancy

 1.  Economic Stimulus Packages Ad:  Launched in the June/July 2009 issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine, this ad first began running online at   The ad cleverly ties in with the current economic woes, reminding moms of the money-saver under their nose! 

The ad copy reads:  “Breastfeeding boosts your bank account and your baby’s immune system, saving you on hospital visits, doctor’s bills, medicine and missed days of work.  It could also save billions on health care costs.  Is your hospital, physician, employer and insurer doing their part to help you succeed?  Let us help you find out at”

 Click here for the press release and a large image of the ad.  Posters are available for purchase and make a great statement in your office or clinic. Click here to order

August 2009 "Life Saving Devices"
“Life Saving Devices”  (August 2009)

 2.  Life-Saving Devices Ad

Launched in Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Mom & Baby magazine.   The ad coincides with the 2009 World Breastfeeding Week theme by highlighting the value of breastfeeding and donor milk as the preferred infant food in emergencies and every day. 

 The ad copy reads:  “Every day and in emergencies, breastfeeding saves lives.  Planning on nursing?  The right crew can make for smoother sailing.  Get a support group.  Get expert lactation help.  Make sure your hospital, physician, employer and insurer are doing their part to help you succeed.  We’ll show you how at”

Click here for the press release and a large image of the ad.   Posters are available for purchase and make a great statement in your office or clinic.   Click here to order


The Miracle Isn’t the Bra (June 2010)

3.  The Miracle Isn’t the Bra Ad

Launched June 24, 2010 in USA Today’s Pregnancy & Wellness Report.   This ad empowers women about their ability to nurture and nourish their children by breastfeeding or donor human milk, and stresses the importance of cheering moms on and directing them to the right resources.

The ad copy reads:  “The miracle is you and the milk only moms can make. Whether you breastfeed, use donor milk, or neither, finding the right support can make all the difference. Best for Babes will cheer you on and help you navigate the “Booby Traps” — the barriers that keep moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. We’ll also point you towards trusted WHO-Code compliant resources that protect your feeding decisions. Let us help you get started at”

Click here for the press release and a large image of the ad.  Posters are available for purchase and make a great statement in your office or clinic. Click here to order.  Check out gorgeous “The Miracle isn’t the bra” booby-trap beater tank top for women!  Click here to purchase.  Pumpease also sells a “Miracle” door hanger for moms pumping at work and needing privacy, click here to order.

Advantages of the campaign:

  • It is not vulnerable to lobbying pressure by the formula industry, unlike the government’s “Babies Were Born to be Breastfed” public service campaign in 2004, which was derailed under industry pressure.  Formula advertising almost doubled at the same time as the government’s campaign launched and breastfeeding rates declined.  The original ads focusing on the risks of not breastfeeding never aired; and reaction to the diluted campaign was very mixed, with many feeling that the message employed scare tactics and put even more pressure (guilt & fear) on moms.
  • In contrast, the Best for Babes ad campaign message is positive, empowering and upbeat and brings a much-needed sense of humor!   Frank About Women’s “gut-check” research revealed that  women were connecting to the campaign’s message, and this research was used to develop and fine-tune the campaign.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from women from across all races, ages, lifestyles and stages, whether they had breastfed or not. The ads resonated with participants because they imparted feelings of empowerment, not guilt, about breastfeeding. In the words of Sims Bulluck, co-creator of the campaign (and a mom herself): “This campaign is a breakthrough because it succeeds in making women feel emboldened  with information and motivated with a new perspective on breastfeeding.  Instead of scaring them with negatives, it celebrates this amazing gift women have with a positive and uplifting message—it is meant to turn women on instead of turning them off to breastfeeding.”
  • The ads shift the focus to the barriers that keep 60% of mothers from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals, and urges mothers to educate themselves on how to overcome those barriers.  The intention is to put pressure on the obstacles to breastfeeding, not on moms.
  • The ads are targeted to the 74% of women who try to breastfeed, and those who are on the fence.   It does not target women who can not or decide not to breastfeed.  The Best for Babes Foundation champions ALL moms regardless of their feeding decision (see the Best for Babes Credo).
  • The ads can be customized to address many breastfeeding issues, such as the influence of partners in breastfeeding duration and success, the power of grandparents in supporting breastfeeding, or other cultural and institutional barriers (booby traps).   The ads can be selected to run individually in localized or national markets, or can be run as a group or series for maximum impact—we’d love to see the series on the subways!

We Need Your Help

Ad campaigns are extremely expensive to run.   Individually placed, full-page print ads in mainstream magazines can cost several thousands, even at the non-profit rate  (for-profit companies pay anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 and up, depending on the magazine’s circulation, I’ve heard $80,000 for an ad in People magazine which has a readership of 4 million per week!).  Pro-bono ad placement is wonderful but difficult to come by and extremely time-consuming to secure, and nearly impossible without a senior relationship with the media outlet.    Fortunately, there is a solution:  for only $60,000, Best for Babes can acquire ad space valued at $2 million by hiring the Plowshare Group to secure pro-bono ad space in leading publications like Oprah magazine and on billboards in bus stations, subways and airports!    To contribute to our fundraising campaign, click here.  All donations are fully tax-deductible. If we want to make breastfeeding the “mother of all causes,” then we need to invest in advertising to raise awareness, much as Susan G. Komen and the American Heart Association do. 

In 2011, we are also offering this ad campaign to partner non-profit and government organizations.  This enables the entire breastfeeding movement to “sell” a positive, healthy behavior in the way that the famous gekko sells car insurance for GEICO—imprinting the consumer with a unified image and message, shown to be most successful at changing behavior.  For just the cost of making edits, this ad can be customized to include your logo, website or resources for moms in your area, essentially putting a six-figure ad campaign at your disposal for very little cost.   Another option is to work with us and our creative team to develop a customized message and body copy tailored to your objectives.   If you are interested in either of these options, please contact Bettina AT bestforbabes DOT org.

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