Get Involved or Volunteer!

Want to be part of the hottest cause helping moms and babies?  Here’s what you can do:

  • Give. Donate to Best for Babes and help us Beat the Booby Traps® from cultural perception to poor provider care!  Every bit helps moms and babies, whether it is $1, $5, $50 or $500 – or any where below, between, or above!PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
  • Run/Walk. Whatever your pace, join Team Best for Babes and Race to Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps® and Put Prevention First!
  • Shop.  Shop our store  –Support the Mother of All Causes and get some ‘retail therapy’ at the same time!
  • Share Best for Babes. Link to us from your website, become a fan on Facebook; or join our cause on Facebook, follow us on Twitter! Post links to our news wherever you go, so we can educate more moms, raise awareness of the “Booby Traps” and put pressure on the barriers, not moms!
  • Run our ground-breaking ads pro-bono on your blog, website, or in your publication.
  • Advocate.  Join your State’s Breastfeeding Coalition, Take Action on the Top Campaigns listed on our home page.  See our Ways to Advocate and Cheer Moms On page for more!
  • Support our Corporate Alliance. Next time you buy a gift for an expecting mom, give her the gift that gives back–purchase a product from one of our sponsors.

Volunteer With Best for Babes To Do More

If you want to help us at Best for Babes directly, we’ve got volunteer and partially-paid opportunities for moms like YOU.  Have experience organizing fundraisers? writing grants? or are just generally passionate about this cause? Talk to us! Email me at


Did you know? Two and a Half Moms on a mostly-volunteer basis power Best for Babes.  The Two: full-time Co-Founders who donate the majority of their time.  The Half: a few invaluable part-time freelance moms who charge us a fraction of their worth and a few more who exclusively volunteer with us.  

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