Feeding Info, Facts, & Answers

First things first:  the most important way to nurture your new baby is to give him or her lots of love!  This means spending time skin-to-skin, learning to read and respond to your baby’s cues and needs, and also getting all the support YOU need–enroll your partner, family and friends to help with laundry, errands, cleaning, meals, giving you love and making you laugh–so you can give your baby your best.   A happy and healthy mom makes for a happier and healthier baby.  We firmly believe that. It’s Not Just About Breastfeeding!  But it is about being given the information and support you deserve to find your way. 

At Best for Babes, we want you to be able to make an informed feeding decision, meet your personal goals, and do what is best for your baby, your family and you–see our Credo.  No matter how you choose to feed your baby, we have information that can help you be the best Babe you can be. 🙂  Whatever you choose, we ask you to let go of judgment and guilt!  Those negative emotions only block learning, growing and advocating for healthier, happier moms, babies –and the planet.

breastfeeding button

Your mom-made wonder food is custom-made for your baby:  a true “super food” chock full of nutrition and miracle substances that develop your baby, fight infection, lower your and your baby’s risk for life-long diseases, and even program your baby’s genes!  Breastfeeding lowers your risk of disease and helps you bond and connect with your baby, improving your mood and your baby’s IQ.  Click here for more amazing facts about the way your body and your baby fit together through breastfeeding.  You’ll want to learn the basics of what you need to know and how to watch out for “Booby Traps” so you can achieve your personal breastfeeding goals.  

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Pumped milk is the very next best thing to breastfeeding because your baby gets your custom-made milk!  Pumped milk does not give mom and baby all the benefits of breastfeeding, but is still full of super-food nutrients and disease-fighting substances.  Learn all about choosing a breastpump, pumping tips and techniques, and storing your milk.   


Donor Milk is the next best thing to breastfeeding or pumping for your baby, as it has all the nutrients your baby needs, plus lots of extras (disease-fighting and immune-building substances) that formula doesn’t provide.  Donor milk is easier to digest and all the goodies can be absorbed by baby.  Donor milk is like donor blood:  it saves lives!  Learn more about Miracle Milk™ and the options available to you and your baby.  

formula button

When breastfeeding, pumping your milk for your baby, or giving your baby donor milk are not possible (for whatever reason), properly prepared infant formula is a suitable choice and contains basic nutrients for your baby.  Learn how to choose and prepare infant formula, and read about proper bottle-feeding techniques.


No matter what you feed your baby, you may need to to feed it from a spoon, a cup, a tiny tube taped to your breast, or a bottle.   Learn about the different feeding methods and the techniques of proper bottle-feeding so you can enhance bonding and help your baby digest the feeding better.


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