Best for Babes Ad Images

WHEN: The Best for Babes Ad campaign launched in June 2009.


  • The first ad, “Economic Stimulus Packages” appeared as a full page in the June/July issue of Fit Pregnancy, see the accompanying press release here.
  • The second ad, “Life-Saving Devices” appeared as a full page ad in the Winter/Spring issue of Mom & Baby magazine, see the press release here.
  • The third ad, “The Miracle Isn’t the Bra” appeared full page in USA Today’s Pregnancy and Wellness Report on June 25, 2010

WHO:   The ads were created pro-bono by Frank About Women for the Best for Babes Foundation.   Frank about Women is the country’s leading marketing-to-women communications group.  The ad campaign is valued in the six figures.   Best for Babes is the only non-profit that is giving breastfeeding a makeover and is shifting focus and pressure off moms and on to the “booby traps”–cultural and institutional barriers to breastfeeding success.

ZWIN PUB 08-06953 Mom and Baby-BfB_Life Saving
Ad for World Breastfeeding Week, Aug. 1-7 2009


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