Corporate Allies

We work with many wonderful companies that are investing significantly in changing the breastfeeding culture and breaking down the barriers to breastfeeding. These companies commit to a long-term alliance with Best for Babes and collaborate with us in many ways to fund critical initiatives–like our ground-breaking ad campaign, celebrity interviews, and unique website content and tools that help moms and babies. They also help spread the word about the work so more mothers and babies can reap the lifetime benefits of breastfeeding or donor milk. All of our sponsors are WHO CODE compliant, have signed our corporate partnership pledge and share our vision.

More information about our Corporate Allies

Media and Outreach Allies

Best for Babes is proud to work with the leading companies that are interacting with pregnant and new mothers. These companies are influencing and shaping future generations of parents and children! We are grateful for our media and outreach friends for helping us to bring excellent breastfeeding information, news, tools and resources to millions of moms. Through our relationships with these premiere companies, we engage in meaningful dialogue about the important issues (and booby traps) faced by expecting and new moms and work together to address those issues.

More information about our Media and Outreach Allies

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