Closing Best for Babes, Effective September 30, 2018

Best for BabesDear Friends,

After 11+ years of serving moms, babies, families, friends, health professionals and the larger infant and maternal health community, we have made the decision to close Best for Babes, effective September 30, 2018.  

We are exceedingly proud of the work we have done and the difference we have made, especially the series of “firsts” to our credit. Although we wish we could have accomplished more, we know our impact will continue to be felt.

Our gratitude to those who believed in us and supported us these many years is boundless.  We were extraordinarily fortunate to attract incredible, loyal, talented employees, volunteers and advocates that made doing this work rewarding and FUN.  Our corporate sponsors, non-profit partners and media friends put a lot of muscle behind our mission, and we are honored to have had such powerful, committed allies. Our many celebrity friends and inspiring Champions for Moms not only shared their personal stories with us exclusively, they lent their megaphones to our cause, bringing our information and messaging to millions. Our generous donors, dedicated fans and followers showed us every day that our path of cheering moms on to make informed decisions and achieve their personal infant feeding goals without judgment, pressure or guilt, was indeed the right path, despite the opposition we experienced inside and outside the breastfeeding community.  

Our assets, including some of our copyrighted trademarks, are for sale strictly to WHO-Code compliant organizations under the stipulation that they can never be sold to or acquired by a Code violator.  Interested parties should contact Danielle Rigg, JD, CLC at  

Thank you for a truly amazing ride and meaningful journey. We wish all our friends the best in continuing the fight for truly empowered maternal, infant and family health.

With best regards,

Danielle and Bettina

P.S. Until further notice, our website and social media pages will stay up as invaluable resources.

Danielle Rigg, JD, CLC and Bettina Forbes, CLC
Co-Founders, Best for Babes® Foundation
BEST for BABES is the first-ever consumer-driven, corporate and celebrity-backed non-profit dedicated to Beating the Booby Traps® that prevent parents from making informed feeding decisions and prevent moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals, without pressure, judgment or guilt! 



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