Jewel Smith Is Working Hard to Pump For Her Preterm Baby Girl

By now, many people have seen the photo of Cleveland Cavaliers star J.R. Smith doing skin-to-skin with his preterm baby girl, Dakota:

We love seeing fathers and babies! Skin-to-skin is so important, especially for the smallest of preterm babies. Another thing that is vital for preterm babies is Miracle Milk®. Dakota’s mother, Jewel Smith, is working hard to make sure her baby girl receives it. She opened up about the realities of pumping for a micro-preemie on her blog, My Kota Bear:

“Anyone who is in our shoes can relate and identify that maintaining a lucrative supply of breast milk for our micro preemies is a struggle and I am having the hardest time.  What gives me the faith to keep trying no matter what is knowing that 1 drop of a preemie mothers breast milk contains 10,000 live cells of proteins and nutrients.  So you already know I go to work! pumping numerous times a day only to discover that me and pumping do not see eye to eye.”

Not all women respond well to a pump (but here are some tips to maximize output!). Especially when that woman is facing the unique Booby Traps® found in the NICU. We hope Jewel is getting support from an experienced IBCLC as she works to provide Miracle Milk® for her baby girl. 

That work includes relying on donor human milk when necessary:

“I ended up running out of my breast milk that the nurses had stored away for me so I gave consent to use donor milk.  I trust the doctors and nurses whole heartedly and I know they will not lead me in the wrong direction.  I am just having a difficult time thinking about my baby getting someone else juices and berries serious.  However, one thing that helped is knowing they will always use my breast milk first, and the donors milk will be there for back up.”

Preterm babies need Miracle Milk®

We’re grateful that donor human milk is available to supplement baby Dakota. Also, her NICU realizes the importance of human milk for preterm babies, which is key. Hopefully, having donor milk around for Dakota will take a little pressure off Jewel. Keep it up, mama – you’re doing great!!

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