2016 Miracle Milk® Stroll Giveaway Winners

The 2016 Miracle Milk® Stroll was a huge success! We’re so grateful for the support of our generous sponsors. Collectively, they have put up almost $4000 worth of incredible giveaway prizes. We used random.org to select the winners from almost 1500 Miracle Milk® Stroll registrants and donors. And the lucky folks are…

Giveaway Winners

Grand Prize 2016 Revolution Flex BOB stroller from Britax: Jordan Richter

Moby® Wrap Giveaway:

  1. Chelsea Oosterlaken
  2. Patricia Shetty
  3. Nancy Spicer
  4. Samantha Maholovich
  5. Jane Ayer

Earth Mama Angel Baby bundle: Heather Beukeman

PJ’s Comfort Standard breast pump from Limerick: Jessica Rhodes

PJ’s Bliss Standard breast pump from Limerick: Caitlin Chapman

Juno Blu Nepenthe breast pump tote: Heaven Dalton

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillows:

  1. Justin Solomon
  2. Julia Mejia
  3. Holly Torkos
  4. Stacy Gilchrist
  5. Aleisa Browning
  6. Erin Brown
  7. Kiersten Cormier
  8. Rebecca Kinder
  9. Elizabeth Strysko
  10. Leslie Barksdale
  11. Carol Dyck
  12. Melissa Uhl
  13. Kirsten Douglass
  14. Rachelle Buchanan
  15. Molly Taylor
  16. Henry Rodriguez
  17. Jacqueline Garnett – Hill
  18. Megan Miltz
  19. Anthony Goodhue
  20. Carol Pendergraph
  21. Kelsey Sandor
  22. Virginia Fugman
  23. Carrie Byers
  24. Paala Secor
  25. Linda Palmer
  26. Erin Stephens
  27. Jenna Zarit
  28. Sueli Mercader
  29. Carole Napolitano
  30. April Baek

Mamava onesies:

  1. Courtney Sayre
  2. Vanessa Stepan
  3. Bump Naturally

C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance Gift Basket: Amanda Newhouse

Giveaway winners will be contacted by e-mail for fulfillment. We can’t thank every supporter of the Miracle Milk® Stroll enough! We couldn’t pull this off without every partner, sponsor, coordinator, registrant, donor, and stroller. Thank you for supporting the human milk cause!

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