Breastfeeding Supplies Checklist & Necessities

checklist suppliesTo breastfeed successfully, the following supplies are must-haves!

1) At least one boob.

2) A baby.

Yes, sometimes that is all you really need to breastfeed successfully!  If that’s not enough, you need:

3) Lactation support.  Before you give birth, join a support group and  interview a few board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC).  Put numbers on speed dial.   Watch another mother nurse and surround yourself with role models and a cheering squad.

You may also need these supplies:

4) A footstool.  A sturdy box or a stack of books works well in a pinch, but a nursing stool is slanted and at the right height to make nursing easier.  We like the adustable stool from My Brest Friend.  You can also prop your feet up on a coffee table.

5) A nursing pillow.  A firm pillow can help you learn to latch your baby in the right position, and keep you from bending over and straining your back. You can use a firm bed pillow with a washable cover.  We like the nursing pillow from My Brest Friend, pillows for twins or travel are also available.

6. Nursing bras or tanks.  Your “girls” will be most comfortable when they are supported!   We love the Melinda G nursing cami with our signature logo, and also many of our C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance members have great bras and tanks!  Some moms can also use a regular soft cup bra or camisole.

7. Nursing pads or a milk-savers.  To absorb leaks when on the go or sleeping, or to catch every drop from the other breast when nursing, hand expressing or pumping!  Some moms leak a little, some leak a lot, and some don’t leak at all, so only purchase a few until you know how to go with the flow.

8. Nipple cream or nipple butter to soothe chafed skin during the learning curve of breastfeeding, try one offered by our C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance members.  A little bit of expressed milk or a drop of olive oil works well too.

9. Button-down shirts, easy lift shirts, or nursing tops.  A lot of your regular shirts will be able to do double duty, but you may find some cute nursing tops enhance your confidence.  We also suggest at least one nursing dress or easy access dress in black or navy, nothing is worse than going to a wedding and having to take off your dress to nurse!  If you buy a sleeveless one, you can wear an elegant wrap or cardigan over it for year-round wear.

Be creative with this list–you may find that you don’t need everything which leaves more cash for those irresistible baby clothes. 🙂 You can borrow from a friend or do some DIY crafting.   Happy nursing!

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