Nurse Purse: Get Pumped (About a Pump Bag)!

My new pump arrived at my door a few weeks before my second son was born. I had heard great things about this pump so I eagerly opened up the package and took in all of its attractive, sleek beauty (these are the things that excite me these days). But wait…how was I supposed to transport this thing? My last pump came with a bag, but not this one. I guess I could tote it around in the box it came in… OR…

Nurse Purse Rev 1

Allow me to introduce the Nurse Purse; a bag that’s both stylish and practical! This bag has ample space for your pump and collection bottles or bags. The material allows for easy cleanup should you (tragically) spill some milk or have to toss wet pump parts into your bag. Ice packs will easily keep your pumped milk cool until you reach your destination. After taking this lovely bag on 3 different trips, its versatility became obvious!

For short trips, the small, zippered compartment held my manual pump, and I was able to turn the rest of my bag into a makeshift diaper bag. Come December 23rd, our car was jam-packed with holiday goodies but the narrow profile of this bag made it easy to fit into smaller spaces, allowing Christmas festivities more room to run rampant. When we had to make an emergency trip home to Ohio, the waterproof material kept Cheryl (what, you didn’t name your pump?) dry in the rainy/sleety/snowy weather.

Even after my pump’s worldly travels end, I can see use for the Nurse Purse for anything from a beach bag, swim bag, or even just a day pack. You won’t be disappointed with this tote! Go to their website to scope out all of your beautiful options  and don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook!

Nurse Purse Special Offer

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Nurse Purse Rev 3

Nurse Purse logo

Disclaimer: Nurse Purse provided 1 bag for review purposes.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by receipt of the bag. Best for Babes provides product reviews by invitation only and does not receive monetary compensation for such reviews. All companies and products reviewed are C.A.R.E.-Code and WHO-Code compliant and ones we feel would be beneficial to our readers.

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