Moby Wrap Product Review & Giveaway

Newborn baby in a Moby Wrap
Keeps newborns snug

Babywearing is one of those tips that experienced moms are quick to pass on to new moms. It really can be a lifesaver! When a baby is in that must-be-carried-at-all-times phase (which, from our experiences, lasts anywhere from birth to 5 years), how is a parent supposed to get anything done? Answer: go hands-free with a Moby Wrap!

According to Babywearing International,“…Carried babies cry less! In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that babywearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.” Babies who are worn also tend to gain weight faster and be healthier overall, when compared to babies who are not. You can even do skin-to-skin while babywearing!  What we like particularly is that the Moby Wrap holds babies closer than many of the carriers out there, allowing babies to hear mom or dad’s heartbeat and smell their skin. The fabric and fit are adjustable to suit all mamas and babies!

Moby Wrap supports a pregnant belly
Supports a pregnant belly!

Newborns like to be held… a lot. All those growth spurts can really do a number on their little bodies! Babywearing has helped Education & Outreach team member, Heather Spada, get through those times with far fewer tears. Baby Jaxon, who just turned 2 months, feels safe and snuggled, while Heather is free to ensure Big Brother Colton (2.5 years) gets the attention he still craves. Moby’s soft and stretchy fabric holds Jaxon close, without getting too tight. Colton has even hitched a ride or two, and gives his Toddler Seal of Approval!  Moby wraps come in lots of beautiful colors and designs, are available in bamboo and organic fabrics, and are loved by dads too.

Moby Wrap holding a toddler
Holds a toddler!

Which reminds us of another awesome fact about babywearing: it isn’t limited to newborns! Older babies and toddlers love to be held. But as they get older (and heavier), it gets harder to hold them for as long as they want. Our Education & Outreach Manager Sara McCall loves wearing her 16 month old toddler, Jack. “The Moby wrap is a lifesaver when Jack is fussy and just wants to be held,” she said. “His 22lbs makes my arms and shoulders ache after awhile – but not with the Moby around!”

If you’ve been afraid to try babywearing, Moby makes it easy for you. They provide step-by-step instructions (with videos!) for creating comfortable, sanity-saving wraps. They even have tips for easy breastfeeding while wearing baby. We encourage all moms to give babywearing a try!


We love this wrap so much, we’re giving away THREE!

  1. A deluxe new baby set, featuring a custom, cream reversible unisex BfB Moby wrap with a black logo, a matching blanket and newborn cap ($75 value)
  2. A custom cream reversible Moby wrap with the pink BfB logo ($50 value)
  3. A black and cream floral lace Moby Wrap ($45 value)
    Best for Babes Moby Wrap
    Three lucky winners will be chosen!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway
    *Special thanks to Mobywrap for providing our volunteers with wraps for the purpose of this review and for joining the C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance, pledging to protect healthy infant feeding.

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