Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll Rescheduled for May 30

Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll rescheduled to May 30On May 2, we held the 2nd Annual Nationwide Miracle Milk™ Stroll in locations all across the United States, Canada, and even on a military base in Japan. One such location was to be in Baltimore. Due to the unrest in the city at that time, the stroll coordinators (in conjunction with Best for Babes) made the difficult decision to postpone the Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll.

“On May 2nd, while families and friends all over the world strolled for Miracle Milk™, those of us in Baltimore decided to postpone our stroll for several reasons. The biggest reason was for safety concerns,” explained Amy Trotter, a stroll coordinator. “As we all know, media tends to blow things out of proportion. The riots in Baltimore were no exception. While the city was not entirely unsafe, many of our participants would be commuting in and out of the city. We were worried about the potential for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially with their children.”

Trotter added, “By pushing the date back just a few weeks, we were able to give the city and its citizens time to recover, heal, and refocus on other events that are important to us – like the Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll!”

Giveaway extended

Being postponed isn’t going to stop this crew from having a great time! The Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll was one of the 10 lucky locations chosen to give away an Onya Baby NexStep carrier! Donors and participants will also be entered into the giveaway for a Juno Blu breast pump tote tote and 4 Limerick breast pumps! These giveaways are open to registered participants who have donated a minimum of $10.00 by May 30. You must be present at the Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll to win the Onya Baby carrier. Can’t register online before the stroll? No problem! Trotter stated that they will be taking donations the day of the stroll, and will accept cash, check, credit or debit card.

Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll logistics

The coordinators have planned a fun-filled day. “We will be meeting at Druid Hill Park in beautiful downtown Baltimore at 10:00 am,” Trotter explained. “The first 60 participants to arrive will receive a custom made Miracle Milk™ Stroll canvas tote. It’s filled with goodies and material from our local sponsors and Best for Babes. Each participant will also receive a ticket that enters them into the drawing for several giveaways from our local sponsors.”

After all the giveaways, participants will stroll around Druid Hill Reservoir. If you work up an appetite, plan to attend the wrap-up lunch hosted by the coordinators. The location will be announced on their event page closer to the event day.11210205_412237402289016_2127023294_n

Last year, the Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll was one of our biggest fundraisers. Let’s help them retain that honor! Because their stroll was pushed back, we’ve extended the donation deadline to May 30 for ALL strolls. You can also still order a T-shirt and other Miracle Milk™ Stroll goodies.

Why we do this

We have the chance to save preterm babies  and their families from the devastation of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). With support from our partners La Leche League USA and NEC Society, and our sponsor Limerick, we can get more Miracle Milk™ to the babies who need it. If you wanted to donate to your local stroll, but didn’t get the chance, now you can! Support the Baltimore Miracle Milk™ Stroll or find your stroll to show your support for preterm babies!

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