Babywearing Giveaway at the Miracle Milk™ Stroll!

we_heart_miracle_milk_stroll_sticker-rc2e4fdc3886b4d228ae96abbab5ee454_v9wf3_8byvr_512You may have already heard about the fabulous prizes we’re giving away to 5 lucky folks who register for the Miracle Milk™ Stroll. We decided that we didn’t want to stop there – we want to get as many people as possible involved in this year’s Stroll. We like to highlight products that make life easier for moms, and we think babywearing is one way to do that.

Onya Baby felt the same way, and has generously donated 10 NexStep carriers to be given away!!! Here’s how this will go down:

We will choose 10 Miracle Milk™ Stroll locations, and each will receive 1 Onya Baby NexStep carrier. The coordinator for that Stroll will raffle off the carrier at the Stroll – so you need to be registered and present at that Stroll to win this one.

Stay tuned – the 10 locations will be announced on Friday, April 24. The locations will be chosen randomly by Best for Babes staff. To win one of these incredible carriers, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a Miracle Milk™ Stroll location near you (only 10 locations will be selected for this giveaway)
  2. Register and pay the minimum $10 registration fee (additional fundraising is optional but very much appreciated!)
  3. Have a great time at your Stroll on Saturday, May 2, and if your location is one of the lucky 10, check with the local coordinator for the giveaway time!

Onya Baby is a member of our C.A.R.E.-Code Alliance and makes babywearing easy with their innovative products. They are proud to help bring Miracle Milk™ to babies who need it most!

Babywearing, Onya Baby; Miracle Milk Stroll, Best for Babes

The Onya Baby NexStep is a revolution in materials.

Constructed from 100% recycled brushed polyester twill fabric, with an Air-Mesh lining, it’s soft and breathable for your baby and easier on the planet. Now you can leave a lighter footprint for the next generation. Go, green baby, go!

The NexStep offers a ton of features found only on Onya Baby carriers. To top it all off, each ergonomic baby carrier offers a hidden seat, so you’ll never be caught without a seat for your little one again, no matter where your day takes you. All you need is a chair, and baby’s got a safe seat.


Want to know why we do this? Check out these Fast Facts, learn more about some of the barriers to human milk and how human milk can reduce the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a deadly disease for a preterm baby.  We are raising awareness of the critical importance of donor milk and removing barriers so more human milk can reach babies in need – did you know there is a national shortage of donor milk?

Best for Babes and our partners La Leche League USA and NEC Society gratefully thank Onya Baby for this generous donation in support of the human milk cause!


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