WGYBB 2014 Participant Results and Prize Winners

Breastfeeding USA’s Elissa Moise proudly wearing this year’s WGYBB tshirt.

We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! was three months of people turning their sweat equity into dollar equity. People ran, swam, walked, meditated, did yoga, rode bikes, and matched dollars donated with pushups, sit-ups, miles, and burpees. All in all, participants raised $4,728 for the Mother of All Causes!

All their hard work also raised awareness of the prenatal Booby Traps® – the barriers that prevent moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals because they don’t get the right support and information about breastfeeding starting before they deliver!

These folks put in the work – now we get to celebrate them! Our top fundraisers* are receiving amazing prizes – a B.O.B. Revolution Jogging Stroller and a Limerick PJ’s Comfort Breast Pump! These are two things that can really help a nursing mom get her fitness on!

*This year, our top four fundraisers were affiliated with Best for Babes or Breastfeeding USA. They were not eligible to win the prizes, but deserve an honorable mention for their hard work!

1. Patty Jacobs: $455
2. Maria Grant: $425
3. Gail Moak: $400
4. Bobbi Phillip: $395

So without further ado, those incredible prizes go to:

Grand Prize Winner:
Lauren Logan – $354! Her goals were to finish Couch to 5k, lose 10 lb. and do yoga once a week. That B.O.B. stroller should help her continue running now that the challenge is over! Way to go, Lauren!

Christine Jacobsen – $340! Christine matched dollars donated with pushups, sit-ups and miles ran. Awesome job! We hope she enjoys her new pump from Limerick!

Another one of our sponsors, Earth Mama Angel Baby, contributed two Mama and Baby Birth Kits – each valued at $100+! These kits contain goodies that pamper Mama and care for Baby. The lucky mamas receiving these prizes are:

  • Shannon Brooks – raised $115 while meeting her goal of walking the track behind her house as often as she could with all three kids.
  • Maria Fischer – raised $203 to help support mothers in reaching their personal breastfeeding goals.

During the campaign, we also gave away two nursing wardrobes from Leading Lady, valued at over $200 apiece. These were given to these stylish ladies:

  • Heather Underwood – raised $110 after pledging to walk/jog with her daughter at least 3 days a week!
  • Lauren Logan – raised $354 while striving to finish Couch to 5k, lose 10 lbs and practice yoga once a week!

Every participant who completed the WGYBB Fitness Challenge  will receive a Finisher Gift: a 25% off coupon generously donated by our presenting sponsor Leading Lady.

These overachievers also get a little something extra. Because they each raised at least $300, they get a special tech fabric event shirt or a discount on next year’s registration:

10659147_10152447544133292_396216235999018939_nMaria Grant
Gail Moak
Bobbi Phillip
Patty Jacobs
Lauren Logan
Christine Jacobsen
Sara McCall

Thank you so much to our sponsors for providing such awesome prizes for our participants and showing their support for beating the prenatal Booby Traps!


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