Bump to Baby: A Maternity and Nursing Bra Buyer’s Guide

This is a dedicated post by Loving Moments by Leading Lady, our “We’ve Got Your Back, Babe” presenting sponsor.   Join us to raise awareness of the prenatal Booby Traps and raise funds to beat them, so more moms can reach their breastfeeding goals!  

So much is changing in your life during pregnancy.  As you’re busy getting everything ready for this life-altering addition to your family on the outside, your body is making a lot of changes on the inside too.  From your brain to your breasts to your belly, your body is preparing you for motherhood.

If you’ve set a goal to breastfeed – and we hope you have – you’ll want to ensure you have the supplies you need for a long and healthy breastfeeding relationship with your baby.  Loving Moments by Leading Lady is dedicated to keeping moms supported, comfortable, and let’s not forget stylish, throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  We’ve put together a buyer’s guide to maternity and nursing bras to keep you on track for the best breast health and the best breastfeeding experience:

Pregnancy:  As you enter the home stretch of your pregnancy, you may feel that your bras are getting a bit snug.  As soon as you feel uncomfortable in your regular bras, you’ll want to transition into maternity bras.  This is a good time to measure yourself and begin purchasing bras in your new size.  Proper fit is vital to the health and comfort of your breasts.  Your bra should lift your breasts firmly without causing any pain on the breast, shoulder or back.

L345_Black_braletteMaternity bras should be made of soft, breathable materials that will stretch with you as  your breasts continue to change during pregnancy.  While your baby is still in the womb, your ribcage may expand so maternity bras with 3 or 4 adjustable hooks and elastic bands  are a great choice.  It’s also a good idea to buy maternity bras with nursing clasps so you can continue to use them for breastfeeding.  One of our top picks during pregnancy is our maternity sports bra.  This unique style has dual adjustable side bands and a mesh racer back design that ensures maximum comfort on the ribcage, back and breasts.  And you’ll be ready for breastfeeding with its easy-to-use nursing clasps.  Another fantastic choice as your body continues to change throughout pregnancy is our Loving Moments seamless bralette made of a soft contouring fabric.

maternity leggingsDuring pregnancy, it’s important that comfort extends beyond your bras too.  With all  those changes happening in your body, you’ll want to wear comfortable maternity clothes.  Maternity leggings and empire waist tops made of stretchable fabrics are ideal.  Loving Moments’ maternity leggings are designed for pregnancy and beyond with an adjustable inner band that expands during pregnancy and cinches in after your baby is born.  Our crossover active wear top pairs nicely with maternity leggings and is a terrific transitional piece from pregnancy to nursing.

L317_Gray_nursing camiHospital:  For most new moms committed to breastfeeding, the adventure begins just  moments after birth, so you’ll need to bring nursing bras with you to the hospital.  Since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time lying in your post-partum bed, we recommend sleep and leisure style nursing bras like Loving Moments crossover leisure sleep bra.  This bra is made of cotton and is comfortable for all-day and all-night wear.  It pairs nicely with a cross-over night gown or our cross-over active wear top that allows for simple access during feedings.  A nursing cami and elastic waist pants are also excellent when you’re ready to walk the halls or greet visitors who have come to admire your new baby.  Sleep/leisure bras or nursing camis are especially comfortable for sleeping since they do not clasp in the back.

L347_BlackDot_softcup 2-packEarly Nursing Days (newborn to 6 weeks):  During the first weeks with your baby, you  will probably spend most of your time at home.  As you and your baby find a breastfeeding rhythm, you will be feeding many times throughout the day and night.  Continue wearing sleep and leisure bras and other softcup nursing bra styles for ultimate comfort and to allow flexibility as your breasts may change with milk fluctuations.  Be sure to adjust the band and straps as necessary – you may even feel the need to do this several times within the same day.  If you plan to have visitors, wear washable nursing pads to prevent leakage through your nursing bra.  This is a good time to stock up on a few more nursing bras at a great value, such as our cotton softcup two-pack.

Breastfeeding:  When you finally get into a breastfeeding routine and venture out of the house more often, you should add some additional nursing bras to your wardrobe.  At this point your milk is probably more predictable and you’ll know the level of support you need.  Measure yourself again before making any purchases as your size may have changed. L346nude_lace trimmed nursing bra You may need to wear Loving Moments washable nursing pads daily in case of leakage and have lanolin cream in your bag to soothe any soreness on your nipples.

There are many styles of nursing bras so be sure to find the ones that fit your body and activity level best.  Once your doctor gives you the green-light, you may want to start some light exercise wearing an extra supportive active nursing bra.  If you’re returning to work and breaking out your more structured blouses and suits, try a molded padded underwire nursing bra that will give you a beautiful shape and allow easy access for nursing and pumping.  In all of your nursing bras, look for fun styles that make you feel confident.  Every mom deserves to have nursing bras that are as cute and stylish as those she wore before motherhood.

Happy Breastfeeding!  We wish you much comfort, support and love on your new adventure!

Check out our maternity and nursing bra collection at www.LovingMomentsBras.com.


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