We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! 2014: Get Fit to Help Beat the Prenatal Booby Traps®!

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Prenatal #boobytraps make #breastfeeding too hard for millions of moms. Let’s fix this! Click to join or donate!!

Who’s ready to get their sweat on for the love of moms and babies? The Annual We’ve Got Your Back, Babe Nationwide Personal Fitness Challenge Fundraiser is in full swing. From now until October 31st, set your fitness goal to raise  awareness about the prenatal Booby Traps® and help us educate mothers on how to navigate them!   Join Best for Babes, Kellymom, Breastfeeding USA and the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) as we build a national cause to end the unnecessary suffering of mothers and babies who are being undermined in their breastfeeding goals. Read: Top 15 Prenatal Booby Traps® 

Because we are tired of seeing so many moms and babies set up to fail long before they even deliver and can start breastfeeding, we’ve partnered with three incredible breastfeeding organizations to focus this year’s event on the Prenatal barriers.  Breastfeeding USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing evidence-based information and support in our communities through more than 40 chapters and a vast network of accredited breastfeeding counselors. USLCA is a professional member nonprofit comprised of over 4000 lactation consultants nationwide.  Kellymom is a leading and respected parenting resource reaching over 2.7 million readers every month. These organizations work tirelessly every day, in the trenches, delivering breastfeeding education and support to expecting and new moms.   

Join us as we blow the lid off the prenatal Booby Traps® with the help of our star-studded Event Committee chaired by actress Jenna Elfman!  Jenna will be joined by among others, Dr. Wendy Walsh, psychologist, former host of The Doctors television show, and author of the 30-Day Love Detox; Kailyn Lowry, star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 and author of Pride Not Pity (who also attended our nationwide Miracle Milk Mother’s Day Weekend Stroll); Courtney Hansen, host of NBC Sports’ #1 show PowerNation; Kelly Bonyata, of Kellymom.org, and Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software.

Participating is easy! Anyone can sign up for $25 on the Best for Babes’ First Giving fundraising page to start a team, join an existing local team, or join the Virtual Team. Then choose a fun fitness goal. We love Best For Babes volunteer Sara McCall’s idea of doing a burpee to beat the Booby Traps for every dollar donated! Each participant commits to raising $200 (families may join together and commit to $300 combined) and gets a customized personal profile page to facilitate fundraising among their personal networks.  There’s even an option this year for fitness instructors to host a class or challenge to support the Mother of All Causes! Sign up or donate to a team here.

We will be cheering you on as you run, bike, walk, dance, yoga, swim, or meditate your way toward your fitness goal, so that expecting moms can reach theirs!  Your efforts will directly help expecting moms overcome the prenatal Booby Traps® that prevent them from getting the right information and support about breastfeeding before birth.

On behalf of moms and babies everywhere and from everyone here hard at work at the Best for Babes Foundation, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting your sweat on and helping us to raise funds and awareness to remove the the prenatal barriers to successful breastfeeding.  We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!!!



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