Review: PJ’s Comfort breast pump

I’m no stranger to pumping. I took a full-time job outside the home when my oldest was 4 months, and pumped at work until he was a year. It enabled me to keep him exclusively on human milk, but it was torture. I was never a prolific pumper, and to keep up with his needs I often had to pump before/after work and on weekends. I used a pump from a well-known company (we’ll call it Other Pump), and it was never very comfortable. The best part of my son’s first birthday was knowing I could hang up the pump parts!!

I had my second son a few weeks ago. I plan to go to school full-time in January 2015, so I knew I’d need a good pump. I got the chance to try the Limerick PJ’s Comfort pump, and it changed my outlook on pumping. It made me actually enjoy pumping, which I didn’t think was possible!

CARE WHO shoutout Limerick
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But it’s not just about me. I’ve been able to donate milk to another mama. She has cancer, and needed some donor milk to give her baby during an upcoming surgery. I had already started pumping to build up a frozen stash before school starts. When I saw how well I responded to the PJ’s Comfort pump, I was happy to give her all the milk I’d pumped. I’ll have no problem building up a stash before January. While she works to beat cancer and build her supply up, my pump and I are helping keep her baby exclusively on human milk. That is an amazing feeling!

Michelle Hickman, our Director of Activism, also tried out the pump and had this to say:  “This pump is heavenly and by far the best pump I’ve ever tried. I love how I can customize the speed and strength of the suction to more closely mimic my baby’s unique suckling pattern. The flanges are soft and accommodating and my letdown happens almost instantly. I’ve expressed more milk in a single sitting with this pump than I ever did with another pump I used.”

We challenge any mom to try this pump just one time, because after one use, they will never use another pump again. If there are breast pumps in heaven, this would be the one!

Disclaimer: Limerick, Inc. provided 2 pumps for review purposes.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by receipt of the pump. Best for Babes provides product reviews by invitation only and does not receive monetary compensation for such reviews. All companies and products reviewed are C.A.R.E.-Code and WHO-Code compliant and ones we feel would be beneficial to our readers.

3 thoughts on “Review: PJ’s Comfort breast pump

  1. I have to completely agree, this pump is a game changer. It took the pain out of pumping for me and I was able to pump more in each session!


  2. The company Limerick, Inc. was very responsive before I made the purchase…however once I had issues and began to contact them they were extremely rude, dismissive and unresponsive. I purchased the PJs Bliss. This pump is overpriced and marketed in a misleading manner. The cups are not one-size fit all and my supply actually went down while using this. I had much more success with a store-bought inexpensive pump! I wasted a lot of money on this pump…the cost, overnight shipping…ugh. Pumping with it was beyond a discomfort — it was excruciatingly painful! Please save your money and take your business elsewhere. There are better manufacturers and products on the market – this company flies under the radar for a reason – not because it’s elite, but because it’s just not a good product. Their business survives on sourcing to companies who provide these pumps to their employees. If they had to rely on the general consumer market alone, they wouldn’t survive. Please look elsewhere!


    1. Dear Nikoi

      We are sorry to hear that you had an uncomfortable experience with our pump. Our service representatives are readily available to communicate with our customers via Facetime and Skype to address any specific issues they may have. Our unique technology differs from most other breast pumps and in most cases a complimentary consultation with our lactation consultant will solve the problem.

      Best wishes to you and your baby.


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