LPGA’s Danah Bordner: I Golf For the Love of Moms & Babies!

We asked Best for Babes Champion for Moms and LPGA Pro Golfer Danah Bordner  for her top tips and tricks for training while breastfeeding. We are so proud of Danah for playing the U.S. Women’s Open this summer with a 7 month old baby in arms!  How. Does. She. Do. It? We want to know!

Whether you’re just curious, or looking for some real scoop on how to get your workout in while nursing because you’re taking the Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! fitness challenge (see below), you’ll appreciate her pointers. Thank you Danah, for sharing your story and for sweating for the love of moms & babies!  With your help, the Mother of All Causes is bringing up the rear on the fitness for cause road!

danah bordner and daughter upright

During the LPGA season, I’m constantly on the go!  Getting to the gym or working on my swing takes extra coordination while nursing baby Taylor.  When I’m having a long day and having trouble staying focused on and off the golf course, I take a moment to think of Taylor’s smiling face and how fortunate I am to have her in my life. Then I take a deep breath, regroup and get back on task! Here are my top five tips for exercising as a nursing mom, while staying on my game as an athlete.

1)      Stay Hydrated.  Exercising and nursing both make you thirsty, so the combination is a double whammy for your electrolyte levels. I guzzle tons of water when I workout, when I’m on the course and when I’m nursing to ensure I am properly hydrated.

2)      Plan Feedings Accordingly.  When I’m going to the gym, it is pretty easy to breastfeed Taylor before I leave and then again when I get home, plus it is helpful to empty my breasts before doing high impact exercise.  But during a 4+ hour round of golf, that is much trickier.  Luckily, Taylor usually travels with me so we can have several breastfeeding sessions, even on days when she gets pumped milk. During tournaments however, or when I  know I’ll  be away from my baby for a bit, I pump in advance to ensure I can stay focused and she has plenty of nourishment while I’m on the course.

Huge thank you to Leading Lady for their support of Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!

3)      Support the Girls.  Loving Moments by Leading Lady nursing bras have been a lifesaver for me.  I can wear them on and off the course to make nursing Taylor before and after rounds a snap.  The Active Wirefree Nursing bra makes my life so much easier and makes me feel comfortable and supported throughout the day.

4)      Eat Well.  Like most moms, I want my daughter to get the most out of my breast milk. I do my best to eat a very healthy and green diet to boost her nutrition, as well as mine.  I think it gives both of us the energy we need throughout the day, although I wish I had a little bit more of hers!

5)      Do it Your Way.  I’m a big believer in enjoying life as much as possible, and that includes workouts.  If you hate your workout, you probably won’t stick with it.  In addition to cardio at the gym, I like to play tennis and make use of my jogging stroller on and off the course.  It makes me extra happy to have fun while I’m being active, especially when I can incorporate Taylor.

photoThe inaugural Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! nationwide fitness challenge to urge America to back breastfeeding is underway and picking up steam – 21 teams and 82 participants are now setting a course to rally the general public behind funding breastfeeding –one of the most cost-effective and preventative measures against almost every epidemic disease we face–and to make healthy infant feeding a cause on par with March of Dimes and Team Leukemia’s Team in Training.  Proceeds benefit Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA two national nonprofits dedicated to eliminating the barriers and getting more moms the support they need to succeed at breastfeeding.  

Please Join Danah and the rest of Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe as we sweat for the love of moms and babies!  Grab your partners, grandmas, grandpas, sisters, uncles, cousins and ask them to stake or join you– this is a cause for us all to get behind!  If we can do it for premature birth and heart disease, we can do it for prevention and breastfeeding! 




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