The Breastfeeding Cause Needs a Documentary . . . NOW

buttonEvery major public health crisis seems to get a turn at being the subject of a documentary. This time, it’s breastfeeding’s chance.  The breastfeeding cause needs a documentary similar to “The Business of Being Born” or “Food, Inc” to advance awareness, engage the media and spur action!  The Milky Way Breastfeeding Movie — Every Mother Has a Story,  is the first film we’ve seen that has the potential to reach a wider, mainstream audience and be entered into the International Film Festival circuit.   It’s got lots going for it;  it features well-known celebrities like Alanis Morissette, Carrie-Ann Moss, and Minnie Driver, is being overseen by two IBCLCs and is being brought to life by a  filmmaker with a huge heart PLUS a track record. Best for Babes is thrilled to be backing this movie that needs to be made!

Take a look at this exclusive footage for Best for Babes from actress Carrie-Ann Moss of The Matrix movie trilogy –and you’ll agree with us! The Milky Way Movie is a film that tells the real story about breastfeeding – about how breastfeeding has lost it’s place in our culture, and how millions of moms and babies annually struggle, suffer, and miss out on it’s lifetime health benefits because they encounter countless barriers to success – -Breastfeeding Booby Traps® –in hospitals and doctor’s offices, at work, in public, at home and out to dinner, the list goes on.

But we have to hurry — The Milky Way Movie needs to raise more money to complete the film’s production and ensure that it is distributed and marketed and gets SEEN.   Their Kickstarter campaign runs only until 11:32 pm EDT Wednesday July 9!!    Everyone who follows the directions on our event page will be invited to an online premiere screening of the full-length film, see



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