Team BFB Durango Paves the Way to the Land of Breast Milk and Honey

You know what’s good for you and feels good too? Running for Team Best for Babes to help put an end to the Breastfeeding Booby Traps and let freedom ring for moms and babies!

Team Best for Babes Durango on the Move! Amy McClellan, daughter Ava McClellan, Team Leader Kati Sieger, Nicole Neutelings (rear) Not pictured: Mary Whitt.

We are incredibly grateful to the members of Team Best for Babes Durango for running the Durango Family 5K on August 25, a race put together lovingly by Pretty Bras for Nursing Moms founder, Jenny L. Candelaria, and which benefitted Best for Babes and the Durango Pregnancy Center.   This is the second year that Jenny dedicated her race to Best for Babes, and the second year that she sparked a desire among her peers to race for moms and babies to be Booby Trap-free.   She is a true Champion for Moms and Babies and we can’t thank her or the Team enough for paving the way for other moms and their families to put it in gear for the Mother of All Causes!

The Durango Team moms are fortunate enough to live in area of the country where breastfeeding is encouraged and supported, but they were more than willing to throw down for the 60% of moms nationwide who don’t have the same, and consequently, don’t make it to their personal breastfeeding goals.  They all deserve stadium-size cheers and a proper wave for their committment to this Cause!

Event Organizer Jenny L. Candelaria, Megan Hronich & Aubrey Pargin, Stand up for Moms and Babies!






A huge thanks also to Best for Babes sponsors Moby WrapMotherlove, and Candace Cross Photography for helping to shower our Babe Racers with goodies!

This year the Team was led by an incredible volunteer, Katie Sieger, whose generosity of spirit and passion for helping other women have the positive breastfeeding experience she had, just shone through like a beacon of light and hope.  Among her teammates Mary Whitt, Nicole Neutelings, and Amy McClellan was Amy’s 7 year old daughter Ava!  We also added a bit more mom-made rocket fuel to the line-up with the backing of World-Class Cyclist Willow Rockwell, a former Durango resident and nursing mom, who is our newest Team BFB Elite Champion for Moms. Stay tuned — we’ve got more professional athlete moms lending their mama mojo to Team Best for Babes and the MAC, the Mother of All Causes:)

All for the love of Babes big and small!

Would you run/walk, ride or tri for the Mother of All Causes to help moms and babies?

Team Best for Babes is for anyone, anywhere,  who wants to Race to Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R) and Put Prevention First!  Our pioneering team members need your support as they run, walk, stroll, cycle or tri in the name of moms and babies:   

Join Team BFB ‘Divas Run for Breastfeeding’ at the Long Island Diva Half Marathon on October 7!

Support our Marathon Moms who are running with Team BFB at the Marine Corps Marathonon October 28!

Or Start your own team!


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