Science News: Breastmilk is good for adults–yes, really!

TLC’s show Strange Sex will air an episode on an adult breastfeeding fetish tonight (Sunday).

Since it’s hard to fight the media’s love of  sensationalizing breastfeeding (again), we thought we’d use this opportunity to shift the focus on to  some of the amazing benefits of human milk for adults–other than sex–including some areas of potential medical therapeutic use.    Here are a few:

An article in the UK’s Daily Mail reported a few years ago that components of breastmilk are under study as possible remedies for adults who have the following conditions (component of human milk being researched in parentheses):

  • Cancer (HAMLET)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis (lactoferrin)
  • Dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury (glyerophosphocholine)
  • Diabetes and Parkinson’s (stem cells)
  • Acne (lauric acid)
  • Diarrhea (oligosaccharides)

Other articles have indicated possible uses of human milk for the following diseases:

Here’s hoping some of the wealthy disease foundations that raise billions of dollars every year to find “the cure” will start putting some of their research dollars towards experimenting on the Miracle Milk™ right under our noses–it could be a veritable rainforest of unknown, natural and effective treatments!   For more lesser-known facts about our mom-made wonder-food, click here.

Image credit:  Wikimedia Commons

6 thoughts on “Science News: Breastmilk is good for adults–yes, really!

  1. My husband has kidney disease and will have a transplant in the next five years. I plan to have (force) him to drink my milk after he does. We live in the same house not to mention the same area, so those immunities will be tailored perfectly for his environment.

    I saw an episode of House where a man came in asking for breast milk to help fight his cancer. Unfortunately it was used more as joke material, but at least it was referenced!


  2. I know of a teenage girl that has been putting her nephew to her breasts and nursing him she has type 2 diabetes will this help her make more insulin and is it alright for the baby to nurse with her taking the shots and if she keeps nursing him will this control her sugar and let her make more insulin.would you think that this is wrong if it works to control her insulin. She said that she feels better when she nurses him twice a day. please reply thanks


  3. how does breast milk help stroke victims? i have had a stroke and am concidering trying this to help me to recover. but i cant find much material on this topic. if you know of any info for this please forward me a link. thanks Thomas


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