Last chance to win $2,200 Celebrity Event Swag Bag at Fit Pregnancy!

The Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston & Laila Ali Celebrity Breastfeeding and Toxin-Free Awareness Event on April 14 was a major first and historic event for breastfeeding — and moms and babies.  Celebrity and influential moms gathered at the home of Jenna Elfman in Hollywood to learn how to get their best game on for raising healthy babies through breastfeeding, courtesy of Best for Babes, and reducing toxins in your baby’s environment, courtesy of Healthy Child Healthy World.  With the help of breastfeeding experts and a selection of hand-picked helpful and fabulous products, guests were educated and  empowered,  inspired and celebrated.  It was a breakthrough moment for Breastfeeding: The Mother of All Causes and the call to Beat the Booby Traps was heard around the web as many mainstream news outlets picked up the story and carried the message (click here for the great media coverage).

But an equally significant and unprecedented claim-to-fame of the Event  — and the one we are most proud of — was that ALL of our sponsors were WHO-Code Compliant companies – companies who TRULY CARE about moms and babies–see the Event Program, with special messages from Jenna, Kelly and Laila, and top tips from Best for Babes and Healthy Child (special thanks to Leading Lady for producing the program)!

Check out the Event Program with special messages from Kelly, Jenna & Laila!

No formula companies or bottle or nipple manufacturers sponsored this Baby Shower.  It was a shining example of  how to cheer on and celebrate expecting and new moms without unfair influences, which have been shown to undermine a mother’s ability to reach her personal breastfeeding goals, as per the latest study.

The multi-billion dollar baby product industry is filled with companies that sacrifice the health of moms and babies in order to make a profit.  Using sophisticated and unethical marketing tactics, these companies convince parents that “store-bought” is better than “mom-made” and effectively undermine breastfeeding and the foundation of human health.  That’s precisely why in 1981, Unicef and the World Health Organization enacted the  International Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes — the “WHO-CODE.”  The primary purpose of the Code is to protect mothers and babies from the highly effective, aggressive and predatory marketing of substitutes for breastfeeding (which includes not only infant formula, but bottles and artificial nipples) at the most vulnerable period of their lives, the birth of a new baby.  

We are so proud of our sponsors, in fact, that we felt compelled to toot their horn a bunch more – to let moms know who really has their back when it comes to their health and the health of their babies!  They not only give generously to Best for Babes, but also donate to lots of breastfeeding support groups, conferences, and initiatives so advocates can help moms and babies.   Please take a moment to tell them thank you, on their websites or Facebook pages!   Our first-ever celebrity event, and the millions of moms we reached with positive media messages, would not have been possible without their support.  Thank You Sponsors!

Finally, don’t forget to enter to win a deluxe, super-charged version of the swag bag that guests took home from the event!  Worth over $2,200, this special celebrity swag bag is being given away to one lucky mom or mom-to-be by Fit Pregnancy and is brimming with fabulous products designed to inspire, prepare and empower moms to embrace breastfeeding and toxin-free living.  Enter by June 18th to win this amazing giveway, including an Ameda Purely Yours Double-Electric Breast Pump, a Leading Lady 5 Piece Nursing Wardrobe, a Moby Wrap carrier, Cariboo of New Zealand all-natural wood Activity Gym, Folding Bassinet, and Toy Box,  Stokke Tripp Trap High Chair and My Carrier, Motherlove nipple cream, a Mamas & Papas plush stroller toy, organic HappyFamily baby and toddler snacksFairhavenHealth nursing postnatal vitamins and dream belly stretch mark butter, SeventhGeneration Wee Generation gift set,  a Humanity Organics Family Sleeper, a Pump Ease hands-free pumping bra,  EarthMamaAngelBaby organic baby gift set, BebeAuLait nursing cover, a Milkies Milksavers milk-collecting bra insert,a Humanity Organics organic, bed-top family sleeper, a set of Wean Green colorful tempered glass food containers, a Quick Brown Fox handmade, sustainable and toxin-free wood nursing stool, a Baby-Led Breastfeeding DVD a Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy book, a Breastfeeding Made Simple book, Milkmakers cookies, and DOZENS of other toxin-free and breastfeeding-friendly goodies and gifts from the wonderful sponsors of Healthy Child Healthy World!

Enter to win at

Do you think events for expecting and new moms should only include WHO-Code Compliant companies?

2 thoughts on “Last chance to win $2,200 Celebrity Event Swag Bag at Fit Pregnancy!

  1. FYI, The link for the give away doesn’t work. I went to the website and looked at their sweepstakes and the Celebrity bag give away does not include what is pictured or described in your post. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks.


    1. The Best for Babes Giveaway closed on June 18th, and was removed from view at Fit Pregnancy. The celebrity bag giveaway that is up now is not ours. Thank you!


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