See Best for Babes Ad Posters in “What to Expect” Movie!

We haven’t seen the new movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but were thrilled to hear from Diba Tillery of that our gorgeous ad posters made the cut, and can be seen in a couple of shots!   The hot Hollywood film, based on the best-selling book of the same name, opened on May 18th and stars Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick and Brooklyn Decker, Chace Crawford, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quaid, Rodrigo Santoro and Chris Rock in a tale of how pregnancy changes the lives of 5 connected-to-each-other couples who have no idea of what is about to hit them.

The fact that the production company approached us about using our posters in the film was validation of the universal appeal of the provocative and eye-catching ads that Frank About Women created for Best for Babes. (You may remember that Frank About Women created our ad campaign pro-bono and that it ran in USA Today and Fit Pregnancy.)   We’re happy that millions of viewers will catch a glimpse of the ads, and we’re hopeful that our ads made some of the people involved with the movie think about the barriers to breastfeeding, and how we can inspire and empower moms to overcome them.   If you want to purchase the posters, click here–they’re great for waiting rooms, hospitals and clinics!

[Now all we need is the funding to put our ads in front of more people, and get them on subways, bus stations and billboards across the country!   For just $60,000 we would be able to do just that, by working with the Plowshare Group to leverage pro-bono media and ad space in buses, airports, magazines and other outlets in several metropolitan markets and nationally.   So, you ask, why do we need a national ad campaign when cities and states are running their own, such as the recent “Latch on NYC” ads that started appearing in subways in May?  The answer is that what works in marketing bombarding people with a single, effective, recognizable image and brand (like Geico’s gekko, or This is Your Brain On Drugs), because it  imprints better on the human brain than a whole bunch of forgettable or ineffective ad campaigns developed with tiny budgets that can’t compete with Similac.  So, any ideas on how we can fund up our ad campaign?]   

 What did you think of the “What to Expect” movie?    How was breastfeeding represented?   Did you spot any Booby Traps

One thought on “See Best for Babes Ad Posters in “What to Expect” Movie!

  1. I was so excited to see the poster! If you are looking for it, it appears in one of the last scenes in the well-baby nursery. When the camera shot is inside of the nursery, looking out towards the visitor hallway, look on the wall on the upper right-hand corner of the movie theater screen.

    I loved the movie and love Best for Babes :-)…Keep up your fantastic work!



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