Applebee’s restaurant supports the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Ohio

In the midst of negative nursing in public incidents where business fall short on supporting breastfeeding moms and babies or upholding breastfeeding laws, I am excited to honor a business doing something positive. Which business is it?  The Applebee’s restaurant in Lorain, Ohio.

On Tuesday May 29th from 4pm-9pm, breastfeeding moms will nurse their babies while enjoying dinner with family and friends at this Applebee’s restaurant, and a generous 15% of the check will be donated to help the Lorain County Breastfeeding Coalition raise money for the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Ohio.

The Coalition is working to raise money for the milk bank through an upcoming “Milk Run,” a 5k run to be held during World Breastfeeding Week this year.  The run will be held on August 5th, and you can register online.

Not all breastfeeding moms live close enough to attend this local event, but they certainly can thank this Applebee’s restaurant by calling, sending e-mails, posting on their Facebook page and other social media, and most importantly patronizing this establishment.

Applebee’s certainly has won the heart of this breastfeeding mom. As some of you may remember, 97 Applebee’s restaurants were the focus of a nationwide nurse-in in 2007 when a mother was told to cover up while nursing her child, and they subsequently issued an apology and pledged to change their policies.  Their support of the Mother’s Milk Bank and nursing moms is a huge step forward, because it sets a powerful example of not only supporting breastfeeding and donor milk but also helps normalize nursing in public! I thank this Applebee’s restaurant for giving breastfeeding moms and babies cheers and not sneers, and pledge to visit Applebee’s with my family this week support a restaurant which supports breastfeeding moms.

To find out more on how you can attend the Lorain, Ohio Applebee’s night, visit the event page.

For an easy way to raise funds for the breastfeeding cause overall, join Team BfB!

One thought on “Applebee’s restaurant supports the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Ohio

  1. I just wanted to share: We informed Applebees of your blog and they requested a print out of it to display in their lobby! Today was great! Thank you to all who participated and supported this establishment in supporting breastfeeding!!!


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