Moms Tell Facebook to Leave Breastfeeding Moms Alone

Mothers have formed around Human Milk 4 Human Babies founder Emma Kwasnica as well as all other breastfeeding moms to tell Facebook to stop banning moms over their nursing photos.

Emma Kwasnica is a very vivacious and active member of the breastfeeding community, especially on Facebook. However, she has had many breastfeeding photos removed from her account. In protest of not only Emma’s photo removals, but Facebook’s constant removal of breastfeeding photos that do fall within their own guidelines, mothers gathered outside Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters to make a stand. The message? “Leave Our Photos Alone!”

“There’s no excuse for anyone to be harassed for breastfeeding,” said Jodine Chase, who was among about 60 protesters who helped organize the nurse-in outside Facebook headquarters. “We want Facebook to leave breastfeeding alone.”

Facebook told the Huffington Post earlier this year:

“The vast majority of breastfeeding photos are compliant with our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook takes no action on such content. However, photos which contain a fully exposed breast, do violate our terms and may be removed if they are reported to us. These policies are based on the same standards that apply to television and print media. It is important to note that photos upon which we act are almost exclusively brought to our attention by other users who complain about them being shared on Facebook.”

Many mothers, however, find their photos removed or accounts suspended or banned even  when they follow the policies. The protest aims to get Facebook to provide more “human” contact at their headquarters so accounts can be restored that were wrongly suspended or banned, and also to urge them to put policies in place so their employees don’t remove the photos in the first place.

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