How long did Beyonce Breastfeed?

As soon as I got this week’s issue of People Magazine in my hot little hands, I did two things:

1) looked for Kelly Preston’s picture in “Star Tracks” and a mention of Best for Babes and Healthy Child Healthy World in connection with the celebrity event she hosted with Jenna Elfman and Laila Ali on April 14th . . . it was on page 20!  Squeee!  Yay for getting positive messages about breastfeeding and non-toxic living under the eyes of 3.5 million readers!

2) read the article about Beyoncé to see whether there was any mention of breastfeeding. Although I hunt for breastfeeding mentions in any expecting and new mom celebrity stories I read, I was particularly eager to see if Beyonce mentioned anything because of the huge media storm she set off when she was sighted nursing Blue Ivy in public, a topic that became so hot it made Time magazine.  We’ve also been secretly hoping we could get Beyoncé to breastfeed on Sesame Street so that it can be seen as a normal and natural part of educating and raising children.

Sure enough, on page 71, Beyoncé credits breastfeeding with her ability to lose her pregnancy weight.  We also learn that she breastfed until Blue was 10 weeks old.   There goes our hopes for a Beyoncé breastfeeding gig on Sesame Street. 😦

On the bright side, we think it’s great that Beyoncé breastfed AT ALL, and we love her for breastfeeding in public and being a positive role model to millions of moms who admire her glamor, talent, and business savviness.   I’m sure some advocates are disappointed that she didn’t make it to 3 or 6 months, but we’re focusing on the fact that she made it through the first few days (most moms encounter huge Booby Traps in the hospital), and through the learning curve of the first 2-6 weeks.   So many moms give up during this period (and it is not their fault!) because they are being undermined by a multitude of insidious cultural and institutional barriers to breastfeeding.   African-American women face even greater barriers to breastfeeding, so the fact that Beyonce lasted as long as she did makes her double the hero to us!   When 100% of the moms who want to breastfeed can make it past the first 6 weeks, we’ll know that 3 and 6 months is within reach.

So let’s congratulate Beyoncé:  Every ounce counts, and you did us proud, girl!  And let’s also congratulate celebrities like Kelly Preston, whose story of “still” breastfeeding her son for 16 months was viewed 250,000 times in 48 hours, effectively making it a public service announcement.  (We love what she shared with Best for Babes,  too). No matter how long celebrities breastfeed, the fact that they are doing it, showing it off, and sharing about it, is something for us all to celebrate!  All celebrity breastfeeding stories have inspirational and educational value for mainstream America, whether they breastfed for 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years.

Do you get disappointed when celebrities stop breastfeeding?


5 thoughts on “How long did Beyonce Breastfeed?

  1. Good for her! I love how you wrapped this up in a non-judgmental way. I knew you would Bettina. Love Best for Babes foundation!!! All I can say is good for her. I don’t know her personal situation with bf or what she might have dealt with..either way, I know so many babies who never got a drop of mother’s milk and I think she did a good job. Not ideal for lactivists like me..but I bf my dd for 2 months as well until I got misinformed advice from a doctor. I’m now pregnant and still bf’ing my 20 month old ds. I think her bf’ing in public is too huge to be disappointed that she didn’t go longer. She’s only human. I never thought she wanted to be a role model in this regard..yet she became one anyway. Maybe her next child will be nursed longer-I’m sure.


  2. I am glad Beyonce breast-fed at all since some mother’s don’t even try. Saddened that she stopped at 10 weeks. Maybe Jennifer Garner will breast-feed on Sesame Street? There’s to hoping
    : )


  3. Although I think Beyonce was wonderful for breastfeeding in public i can’t help but be HUGELY disappointed that she stopped at ten weeks. why? did she too get bad advice? did she not have enough time for her baby anymore? did her supply ‘dry up’? although the fact that she breastfed in public is great i feel she has undermined that good work by giving up so soon. she would have sent a hell of a message if she had carried on beyond one year.


  4. I’m never interested in judging mums over how long they fed for, in our society I think all we can do is applaud them for however long they do. What interests me and makes me sad are the reasons, a saying of mine is it’s not usually lactation failure that stops women breastfeeding, it’s lactation support failure.


  5. I don’t feel disappointed when anyone stops breast feeding. It’s a very personal choice, and the fact that they did it for any amount of time is wonderful.


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