Breastfeeding, The Mother of All Causes, Needs Runners!

A few weeks ago, I ran a half-marathon in the name of the Mother of All Causes —without any prior planning OR training. None. Sure I run, but it’s been 20 years since I ran more than 7 miles in a row.  And you know what?  It was NO PROBLEM.  I felt like I often do as the Co Founder of BFB –a warrior super-charged by the love of mamas and babies and motivated to Beat those Booby Traps!

Something about wearing that Miracle Isn’t the Bra racing shirt is like putting on my wonder-woman suit.

Powered by love. Fueled by the fight to beat the booby traps!

I just knew I could not only run 13 miles, but that I would feel good doing it – and, in fact, it was revelatory.  I had endless energy it seemed — honestly, I could have gone on.  Amazing what we can do when we hold a higher-purpose in our hearts.  No training.  No problem.

I breezed through that race fueled by the knowledge that we are in fact rescuing moms from the breastfeeding barriers, and that a growing number of moms like me are uniting to see the suffering end, and our shot at optimal health restored.  Team Leukemia was there, as was the Cystic Fibrosis Foundations’ 65 Roses runners, I was in good company.  But I felt supremely good to be racing to head all of the health consequences of low breastfeeding rates off at the pass — to put some more miles on the front end of prevention so maybe we won’t need so many on the back end of the “cure.”  As a bilateral breast cancer disease “thriver” and someone who has been challenged with a lifetime of chronic unwellness, I won’t race for the cure –until we put as much focus on what we can do to protect and even prevent illness in the first place.  Breastfeeding and human milk are the foundation of health and should be the top of our national priority list and awareness raised by every disease organization for which breastfeeding confers protective benefits — from breast cancer to diabetes to asthma to heart disease and SIDS, the list is long.

I was the only Best for Babes representative for that race.  It didn’t matter. I had such a smile splashed on my face and a bounce in my step.  We have started something BIG here. There has never been a March of Dimes for breastfeeding — a mainstream nonprofit for anyone who cares about moms and babies and our collective health to do their part to make change happen.  And we are gaining momentum.  Those Booby Traps won’t know what hit ’em when they are trampled by the thunder of our feet!

Team Best for Babes is now springing up all over the USA – Team BFB Southern Louisiana races April 7 at the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans and needs runners!  We have solo Babe-Racers –like Best for Babes Board member and Team BFB Co-Director, Maria Grant who did three marathons in three months last Fall to raise funds for and awareness of the barriers, and Lacy Naud in Southern California who is doing two back-to-back ultramarathons this Spring – and both are nursing mommas!  We will also be an official charity partner at the sold out Marine Corps Marathon in October 2012check it out, we’re listed on this page –and we have 25 spots reserved for a team of Babe-Racers to pound it out for the love of moms and babies!  Click here to find out more about how can join Team BFB at the MCM 2012.

To sign up for an existing race, or to join or start a team, visit us at:




5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding, The Mother of All Causes, Needs Runners!

  1. A government official where I come from also leads marathons / triathlons to advocate BF. I think it’s a great way to increase awareness. It’s not the same yet as yours though that you have running groups already.



  2. Hi Kelly!

    Team BFB is set up so that anyone, anywhere can start a Team and take it to whatever race in any sport you choose! We would love to have you join us and start either a Team-of-One in Sacramento or lead a Team. You can get all the information at! Let’s open some you-know-what on those Booby Traps in Sacramento Babe 🙂


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