Valentine’s Day: Breastfeeding “Push Gift” Giveaway & Discount!

Babes, let’s face it, the “push” is just the beginning . . . the other labor of love comes in the days and weeks after delivery, when you and your babe become a nursing team.  The time has come to be celebrated for the love, and the milk, you give daily to your babies!  Valentine’s Day is after-all, THE quintessential holiday of love  . . . and sharing your Miracle Milk™ with your babe or another mother’s babe is an act of love in itself.  Especially in our part of the world where breastfeeding and human milk are not prized enough, and nursing moms and babies continually are undermined . . . even discriminated against, harassed, humiliated and shunned . . . showering a Babe you love (including yourself!) with a special gift is just what we need!

We’ve partnered with some outstanding companies who truly care about moms, babies –and Best for Babes, to create products worthy of a Miracle-Maker (you!) and that support the Mother of All Causes.  Whether you breastfeed, pump, use or donate human milk,  you deserve to be lavished with love, because YOU are the Miracle Babe!

From now through Valentine’s Day all of these gorgeous products are on sale in our store and all of them help back the groundbreaking work Best for Babes does to change the way our culture views and treats breastfeeding and moms.  (Hint:  Send a link to this page to your baby daddy–these items would make a swell V-Day gift!)  Those Breastfeeding Booby Traps are persnickety but are no match for the love we generate when we put our hearts and minds together, and make the Milk of Human Kindness.

Plus, our generous sponsors are all giving away one of each of these items –plus a Best for Babes “Do Not Disturb Doorhanger“– to one lucky mom, a $290 value!  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below by midnight PST on January 14, 2012. Winner will be chosen using, the winner has 3 days to respond to our email before another winner will be chosen.

The Jewel Minx Best for Babes® Miracle Milk™ Bracelet. Celebrate YOURSELF for the human milk you make, use or donate! This exquisite bracelet will lavish you, or a friend, sister or daughter with love, reminding all daily that moms deserve to be celebrated Babe — the Miracle is You!  Makes the perfect gift for a mom reaching her personal goal—whether that’s 2 days, 2 months, 2 years! Gold faceted crystal with Best for Babes pink rhubarb Swarovski crystal and pearl detail, 5 strand, 7” length, each bracelet is hand made in the USA.  Regular price: $48.  Valentine’s Special: 10% off with coupon code BFB10.

The Pumpease for Best for Babes® The PumpEase in Best for Babes signature rhubarb pink is Wonder Woman and Madonna all-in-one – fit for a superpower!  The design features patent pending, ‘no-stitch’ horn openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market. PumpEase fits moms sized from 32AA to 48H and beyond. Please visit The Fitting Room for more information. If your size doesn’t appear on our chart, please email us with “sizing” in the subject line. We’d love to help! Sizes S/M/L/XL; Made in Canada. Regular price $38, Valentine’s Special:  17% off with code LOVEBABE.  Limited quantities available.

The Amamante Signature Nursing Gown for Best for Babes® This classic black gown outfitted in our pink rhubarb trim demonstrates perfectly why we say you can be sexy and nurturing at the same time!  The gown is perfect for the mom who wants to feel and look fabulous while nursing with ease and is so flattering, you will wear it well after nursing! Integrated nursing bra just pulls down to nurse. Gown is knee length. Soft washable rayon/lycra fabric. Amamante! Nursingwear offers fun, flirty functional nursing fashion.   Made in the USA.  Regular price:  $42.99.  Valentine’s Special:  10% off.

The Moby Wrap for Best for Babes® The Moby Wrap is a delicious experience for both mamas and babies – giving both of you extra cuddle and snug time and making breastfeeding access easy. This secure and extremely comfortable baby carrier is one of the most coveted, loved and raved-about by moms, dads and babies! We love that it’s reversible to solid colors and is 100% natural cotton. Comes in Black with Rhubarb Pink BFB monogram and Natural (pictured here). Ideal one-way stretch. 5.5 meters in length.  Machine washable.  Regular Price: $52.95.   Valentine’s Special:  10% off with code MobyBfB.

The Melinda G® Best for Babes® Nursing Cami Nurse in style, Babe, and give your girls great support in this comfy, nursing camisole featuring a full nursing bra – complete with 4-across back hooks & eyes for easier dressing and lots of support! – hidden underneath. Put it on, close the back hooks & eyes, pull the cami layer down & Beat the Breastfeeding Booby Traps! Under-the-breast channeling for the support of a wire without a wire. Convenient one-handed clips on the easy, fully opening cups.  88% cotton, 12% spandex. Made in U.S.A. and imported.  Regular Price: $54. Valentine’s Special: $39.50.

The Annee Matthew for Best For Babes® Nursing Shirt Finally, the fabulous nursing tee for Babes! Super-comfy and stylish: half sleeves for all seasons, extra length for both pregnancy and easy breastfeeding! Pair this tee with just about anything! Fine cotton poly spandex keeps you cool throughout. Lift front panel to nurse.  Regular Price: $49. Valentine’s Special: $39 with coupon code BFB5.


211 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Breastfeeding “Push Gift” Giveaway & Discount!

  1. I love your site! When things get a little rough I always turn here for inspiration. Thank you for supporting breastfeeding mothers everywhere!


  2. Thank you so much for the amazing gifts!! I just received my first gift in the mail today….(The Amamante Nursing Gown). BFB is the best!!


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