Alyssa Milano: Charmed by Breastfeeding!

Picture tweeted by Alyssa Milano

Woohoo! Alyssa Milano and her son Milo, born August 31, are breastfeeding champs!  The super cool actress was super quick to respond to questions from our readers and staff, and we’re thrilled to share them with you. (As usual, we’ve footnoted our trusted tips and resources in this exclusive celebrity interview so YOU can Beat the Booby Traps and have a successful nursing experience!)

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How is breastfeeding going now?  What do you like most about it?  What was the biggest surprise? Breastfeeding is going great. I didn’t really know what to expect[i] (BfB tip: read our Expecting Moms section). I was lucky to have a baby who from the moment he came into the world, was a pro at latching on. Between Milo and a wonderful lactation consultant[ii] from the hospital I was in such good hands. I think the thing I like best about breastfeeding is the closeness I feel to Milo and knowing that he’s getting the best of me. The biggest surprise was how something that is so natural can be so awkward in the beginning.


Were you “Booby-Trapped“?  If so, how did you overcome any obstacles? I think the only booby trap I came across stemmed from just the unknown. I had 6 friends that gave birth before me that ALL had a hard time breastfeeding in the beginning. I listened to their stories and got really worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I worried that it wouldn’t be able to get past the obstacles. But I had one dear friend who had given birth 4 weeks before me who kept encouraging me that no matter what happened, to just hang in there with it[iii]. She told me it keeps getting easier every day and more and more rewarding.

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You tweeted about having raw, sore nipples in the early days.  Did you see an IBCLC? I saw a lactation consultant in the hospital. I did not see one when I got home[iv]. I just kept covering my nipples with nipple cream (the Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter is my favorite) and everything healed up after about 10 days[v].

You’re an active tweeter[vi]–our moms love your interesting comments and useful links–has social media impacted your nursing experience?  Support from others, encouragement to others? The greatest thing about twitter is the interaction. I can ask a question about anything at all and get a good variety of opinions from everyone. When I tweet about breastfeeding or baby stuff in general,  it feels good knowing that women are there to support each other.  The mommy club is pretty special and I love being a part of it.

How do you feel about nursing in public, and how do you handle it as a celebrity?  Recently, a mother was humiliated by a judge for nursing discreetly in a courtroom, even though breastfeeding is legal and protected in public places. I wish I could breastfeed in public without feeling as though a picture would show up on TMZ[vii]. I’ve breastfed Milo in my car numerous times and in fitting rooms at stores. But mostly, when we go out I bring a bottle of expressed milk because sadly, I’m just not comfortable feeding him in public.

What are your breastfeeding “must-haves”  . . . besides boobs and a baby, lol! Well, I love the Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter. I use the Freestyle Medela[viii] pump and Medela’s nursing stool. I like Elle MacPherson’s Intimates nursing bras. I use the My BrestFriend nursing pillow.  And I just bought an awesome deep freeze freezer to store my expressed breast milk.

My Brest Friend Pillow in Fireworks


Shop for celebrities’ favorite breastfeeding gear (and save 15%!) at A Mother’s Boutique, a proud supporter of Best for Babes!


What surprised you most about breastfeeding?  Any words of encouragement for Alyssa Milano?

[i] Not knowing what to expect with breastfeeding can be a Booby Trap!  Read our  3 Easy Must-Dos for Expecting Moms , psych yourself for the Learning Curve and bone up on the basics of how to “Get Your Best Game On, Girlfriend”  so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

[ii] With only 4% of U.S. maternity centers following the full protocol for adequate breastfeeding management, getting good help with breastfeeding can be a crap shoot.  “Your A-Team” will tell you how to interview your hospital, and make sure you know the difference between a real lactation consultant and an imposter and know what to look for in a consultant you see after you leave the hospital

[iii] Kudos to Alyssa for taking one of the most important steps to breastfeeding success:  finding a mentor who can cheer her on, coach her and point her towards resources!  If you don’t have a successfully nursing friend (and even if you do), find a support group in your area: check out La Leche League, Breastfeeding USA, or your friendly doula or IBCLC (lactation consultant).

[iv] To find a lactation consultant (an IBCLC is best), go to and plug in your zipcode, and read our  checklist of what to look for in a consultant after you leave the hospital.

[v] A good nipple butter is a life-saver for minor discomfort; if you have recurring pain, see an IBCLC or go to a support group.  Chances are, a quick fix to the latch will make all the difference.  If tongue-tie or another issue is the culprit, you’ll want an expert to solve problems so you can get back on track quickly!

[vi] Holy smokes!  Alyssa Milano has almost 2 million followers . . .

[vii] We hear ya, babe.  For tips on getting comfortable, here is a great guide from A Mother’s Boutique.   If you do get caught by the paparazzi, know you’re in good company, lots of celebs have been snapped while baby is nursing!  🙂

[viii] Best for Babes does not recommend or endorse products by non-WHO CODE compliant companies.

19 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano: Charmed by Breastfeeding!

  1. It greatly saddens me that she hides public breastfeeding for the FEAR of a picture or what OTHERS might say. 😦 This does not help to normalize breastfeeding. As a celebrity, I wish more were like Maggie Gyllenhaal or even Salma Hayek who publicly breastfeed proudly no matter what pictures are taken, because they just might have helped shy women feel confidant to actually breastfeed if not in public as well.

    I’m super happy she’s breastfeeding, but seriously saddened by her public BF fear. 😦


    1. I too wish she’d not be scared to nursing in Public… maybe she is still just a little new for it. When he gets older and more demanding… he might not fill up on a bottle… OR WAIT. I nurse in church. It’s easier than letting my child be upset or hungry! And it makes him happy while fulfilling a need we both have.


    2. Being a celebrity, though, everything she does would be scrutinised, pulled apart, and twisted to whatever prejudice the journalist has. Most of us who feed in public don’t have to put up with that sort of thing – or, we can at least stay blissfully unaware of what people think of us.

      I’m not saying Alyssa, or any celebrity, should cover up. But if she’s not comfortable with the thought of someone perverting her time with her son, we shouldn’t jump down her throat for it. 🙂


    3. A LOT of mothers do not feel safe or protected while breastfeeding in public. She has a REAL reason to feel like that, paparazzi is not fun to deal with, and if a crowd of fans rushed around her, that could very much make her stressed out. Some moms have no issue breastfeeding in public, but many MANY moms, including moms in the animal kingdom, feel the need to be in a safe place when they bed down to nurse their babies (especially when their babies are newborn stage.)

      She’s breastfeeding. That’s ENOUGH. She doesn’t have to put herself in any situation that makes her feel uncomfortable or nervous. And the possibility of being mobbed by fans is definitely a situation that most sane people would be uncomfortable or nervous being in, especially with a newborn.


    4. I agree with being saddened about people being nervous about breastfeeding in public, but we’re not talking about the average Mom here. She’s a celebrity and has to worry about things us mere mortals do not! 😀


  2. I think it’s great that Alyssa is breastfeeding and handling it so well. A lot of moms out there want to breastfeed their babies and provide their children with the best nutrients, but often have a very difficult time with it. Whether or not she is comfortable with doing it in public is her own personal struggle and shouldn’t be judged. She is bonding with her baby and providing for him just as her motherly instincts call for it; that’s all that matters. And, even for the moms out there who have tried breastfeeding and couldn’t get through it; at least they tried their best. Congratulations Alyssa on being such a great mom to such an adorable little boy! 🙂


  3. I’m so glad more and more celebs are normalising breastfeeding. I’m a mum of 4 and I work as a breastfeeding support worker in a deprived borough in London. the work done by my colleagues and I are crucial- we see mums in hospital/birth centres, then at home and we also run groups. we offer on-going support to ensure that any problems are quickly addressed and mum&baby are feeding happily. it is important to ask for help and even if everything is going ok the professional opinionand reassurance is a huge boost! it’s natural to feel anxious and always handy to have friends&fsmily telephone numbers on speed dial in case you need it. I also felt quite aware of breastfeeding in public with my first but after the second and third came along Im confident enough to feed anywhere and ensure all my bits are covered with a shawl!
    please remember breastfeeding is NATURAL and NORMAL. always ask for help and give it your best shot. there’s no such thing as ‘failure’ it is a natural instinct to provide for your offspring and you will do that no matter what it takes. good luck xx


  4. Please keep up the good work, Alyssa!

    To those who have expressed disappointment at her unwillingness to nurse in public: Please remember what the media did to Michelle Obama when she ate a cheeseburger in public. First Lady Obama has done so much to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle. I think it’s pretty reasonable to think that she should be able to engage in some moderate eating of some less-than-healthy food item without being skewered by the media. Alyssa has grown up in the entertainment business and I trust her judgement about what she needs to do to keep herself and her baby happy and safe from intrusive “reporters.”


  5. I remember on the show Charmed they had a segment of breastfeeding in public, midwife or hospital, home birth, terrible twos, and sibling rivelry. So it’s good to see that in Aylssa personal life she has same of the same values are were in the tv show even though that is long ago she was on it.


  6. Nursing is so beautiful! ! I nursed my first till he was 16 months old till I got pregnant
    with my twins and then nursed them till they were 6 months old! It’s such a beautiful
    connection between mother and child! ! My “bible” was The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding!
    By the Le Leaches League and going to their meetings!! I commend you on doing what’s
    natural! !


  7. breastfeeding has always been a beautiful thing people take it out of context, were suppose to do what ever we need to do to take care of our babies. But some mother also take it to the extreme, when you feed a infant that’s fine, but you have some women feeding there kids over 12 months, there kids have teeth and bigger than the average baby now that’s taking it to far, maybe there husbands not paying them enough attention. And they have junior sucking on there breast to get there kicks. And these babies look like grown men and women that’s to far.


  8. […] “I can ask a question about anything at all and get a good variety of opinions from everyone. When I tweet about breastfeeding or baby stuff in general, it feels good knowing that women are there to support each other. The mommy club is pretty special and I love being a part of it”, she said in an 2011 interview with Best for Babes […]


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