Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet . . .

"Before" picture, L-R: Pat, Penelope (11 yrs!), Maria, Lindsay, Vicki, Bettina

. . . will keep us from racing, the Booby Traps to Beat!  Okay, so I’m paraphrasing the U.S. Post Office creed, or Herodotus, but either way, these were the words that popped into my head when our small but mighty Team BfB gathered to run a 5K in Hoboken, New Jersey on October 29th.  The weather was nasty, nasty, nasty; a steady rain, below freezing, and the wind was whipping off the Hudson River in icy sheets, making every step challenging.

New BfB Board Member Maria Grant nursing her baby before the race.

Nonetheless, runners for the HoBOOken Scary Scurry 5k and Kids fun run showed up in the hundreds, many IN COSTUME (seriously.  It was hilarious).   I’m not a runner.  Quite frankly, I can’t believe people actually run or race in those conditions.  So, a couple of days before, as I watched the weather predictions, I emailed our new board member, Maria Grant, co-captain of Team BfB . . . and she said, “see you there”, quite cheerily!   My friend Vicki and I suited up, drove up, and showed up, joining Maria and the rest of the team that was willing to brave the conditions.  Nobody complained, everybody was positive! We talked about breastfeeding and Maria’s mother, a La Leche League Leader, shared with us some stories of how mothers were dissuaded from breastfeeding back when she was part of the 10% that tried it.

Vicki in the bright neon yellow jacket on the right. COLD & WET!

Like I said, I’m not a runner.  I hate running.  But here’s what kept me going:  thinking about all the mothers and babies that are being thwarted by the Booby Traps from achieving their breastfeeding goals.  Remembering the stories I’ve read of how mothers are suffering unnecessary pain, anguish and heartbreak, and are being robbed of a positive and empowering breastfeeding experience.   Knowing that babies are hurting from too many ear infections, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections and more, and are having to go to the doctor or hospital much more often than their exclusively breastfed peers.   Reliving my own anger after being humiliated for breastfeeding by a family member.  These were the thoughts that pounded through my head as my feet pounded the wet and slippery streets in Hoboken, and I know similar thoughts fueled our wonderful team.  Thank you to the AMAZING people who ran, Maria for leading the charge, and to everyone who donated and cheered us on!   Thank you to Yummy Mummy, a hip and friendly breastfeeding boutique in Manhattan, for sponsoring our team!

We’ll be racing again, no matter the weather, and we hope you will too.   Just pick a race in your area, gather some friends, register for the race and on our website, and raise some funds!!  It’s easy and fun. We were proud to wear our shirts and get people talking about “The Miracle Isn’t the Bra  . . . it’s YOU, babe, and the milk you make, use or donate!”

During the race! It may be raining, but see the smiles on our faces!

We’re proud to make breastfeeding mainstream, and raise awareness of our growing cause just by being there–people always stop us and ask about our shirts!  We’re proud of the opportunity to serve mothers, babies, and the health care professionals who protect them and help them.  We’re proud of YOU and all you do to educate and advocate.   We won’t quit fighting the Booby Traps . . . until they are all gone . . . come rain, or snow, or sleet or heat!!  See you soon . . .

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