Team Best for Babes® Colorado hits the ground running to Beat the Booby Traps™ and put prevention first!

Babe-Racer: Aubrey, mom of twins...raced to erase the booby traps!

Miracles do happen.  And dreams too.  It has always been one of ours at Best for Babes® to be the Foundation for the FOUNDATION of human health, and like other Causes, to harness the power of affected individuals to fight a foe that threatens to, and does often, cause harm.  Well, last weekend, a cornerstone piece of that vision became reality:  Team Best for Babes®  — racing to beat the booby traps™ and put prevention first! made its debut  in Durango, CO at the Pretty Bras for Nursing Moms Family 5K Walk/Run.  It was awesome!

Gabe shows Babe-pride with his 'Miracle isn't the Bra™' racing shirt!

Pretty Bras for Nursing Moms and their huge-hearted leaders– JL Candelaria and Chloe Marty — did an amazing job helping to bring Team Best for Babes Colorado –our first of many 🙂 – -to life.  Motherlove Herbal Company, a Colorado team themselves,  got our Babe-Racers’ backs (and fronts, providing some of their magical Green Salve which can be very helpful for the other kind of sore nipples — runner’s chafe!).  AND as if that wasn’t enough, PBfNM dedicated the race itself to the Best for Babes® Foundation and the Durango Pregnancy Center — pulling together about 120 participants to pound the pavement in the name of  inspiring, preparing and empowering women and removing the obstacles to a healthier start in life!

Our Babe-Racers did a fantastic job of raising money, support, and awareness for the Best for Babes® Foundation in its quest to fund the change needed to help families beat the Booby Traps™ and put prevention first!  Thank you so much to the wonderful families who came out to participate in the run/walk to support the Mother of All Causes! 

Team Best for Babes® is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to run, walk, ride, stroll, tri – whatever you are into at any level– to raise awareness of and help beat the Booby Traps™ –the cultural and institutional barriers that prevent millions of moms each year who want to breastfeed, from making it past the first few days and weeks. It’s in the name of those moms and babies who unnecessarily struggled, suffered, and gave up, full of guilt, blame, regret; who were too upset or too exhausted to raise their voice or write a letter when they were being actively Booby Trapped, who were, along with their babies, then deprived of breastfeeding’s risk-lowering effects against so many physical and emotional illnesses that have, not coincidentally, reached epidemic levels, that we founded Best for Babes to be the first Mainstream Cause for Breastfeeding and that we have launched Team Best for Babes®.

We are building volunteer Teams across the USA to help fund Best for Babes® programs to keep the full-court press on Booby Traps like poor care and advice from hospitals and practitioners, misinformation and negativity in the media, and missing peer and intergenerational support. Let’s face it, breastfeeding is good for everybody’s bottom line – -mom’s, baby’s, the family’s, the environment, and the overall economy’s — this is a Cause worth us all getting behind!  Team Best for Babes® is in a race to put more miles on the front-end of prevention, so maybe we won’t have to put so many on the back-end of the cure!

So if its Booby Traps v. Miracle, my money’s on the Miracle, Babe.  The Miracle Isn’t the Bra™,  it’s YOU.  Game on, Booby Traps™ – GAME ON!

Team Best for Babes® Colorado tears it up next in Denver for the Denver Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon on October 9th.  Rockstar babes, you know you are out there! If you are interested in joining us in Denver or becoming part of Team Best for Babes® Colorado sign up at our  Team Best for Babes® pageWe will next be bringing Teams to the NYC Area and Southern California so check back with us soon. We also want to hear from you if you would like to start a Team in your area, contact us @

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