Babeworthy: The Breastfeeding Baby Doll!

The Breastfeeding Baby Doll had garnered opinions from just about everyone at this point. It’s made national news, in fact! Check out a few recent posts about it and then tell us what you think:

Mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb debated the doll in a TV segment with Dr. Keith Ablow. The issue of whether or not this doll sexualizes breastfeeding and/or little girls came up (par for the course in discussions of this doll). That clip ended up on The Daily Show! See the clip: (skip to 3:40 for the relevant bit)


And thanks to Mom-101, we learned that it’s a gateway babydoll!

Let your kid have a Breast Milk Doll and the next thing you know, she’ll want a co-sleeping doll. Can you imagine? A doll that is made for you to sleep with it! The downfall of independence in our country! The end of democracy as we know it!


It’s great to see a doll come out that doesn’t come packaged with a bottle (as though that’s the only way to feed a baby!).  Most moms would probably say that their kids have pretended to breastfeed everything from stuffed animals to toy trucks, though, so maybe we don’t need a special doll for this purpose.

So, Babes: Is the breastmilk baby doll a boon or bane to breastfeeding? You tell us!

This Babeworthy post was brought to you by Simple Wishes!

4 thoughts on “Babeworthy: The Breastfeeding Baby Doll!

  1. The doll is silly and creepy. Also, the debate about the doll is silly and creepy. Little mommies will pretend to feed their dolls however they think is best.


  2. One of my favorite pics of my niece is while I’m breastfeeding my son and she is breastfeeding her doll…that’s where milk comes from!


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