ILCA 2011: Babes on the Ground, Beating the Booby Traps!

We are so sorry we couldn’t be at the ILCA conference this year due to conflicting schedules, but we are STILL on a high from the enthusiastic response to our presentation last year on “Why Breastfeeding Needs a Makeover”! We have profound respect and admiration for the International Lactation Consultant Association, the US Lactation Consultant Association, lactation associations from around the world, and the hundreds of amazing lactation consultants, healthcare professionals, and breastfeeding advocates we met and talked with last year. We are cheering them on for their tireless work with moms and babies! Please show your support for ILCA by liking their Facebook page.

Although we couldn’t attend in person, we are very grateful to our sponsors for making sure that Best for Babes and the work we do has a presence at the ILCA conference . . . see the pictures below! Please stop by our sponsors’ booths, check out their fabulous products, thank them for their support of Best for Babes, and view the beautiful sign created by our awesome volunteer, graphic designer Ivy (thanks, Babe!).

Our sponsors make it possible for us to reach ever more expecting moms, and influence the media, celebrities, and policy makers to join us in helping more mothers and babies reap the benefits of human milk! And super special thanks to Lara from MamaPear Designs (aka @MamaPearDesigns!) for her help as our “Babe on the ground” at ILCA. (We wouldn’t be there without her!)

At the bottom of our sign, we’re highlighting the exclusive products created for us by Moby Wrap, Annee Matthew, and Melinda G.  If you’re an LC, please recommend them to the moms you work with, or contact about carrying them in your retail store or website. They are the best of the best and are definitely Best for Babes!!

Cheers to all the amazing women helping moms feed their babes! Bottoms up!

2 thoughts on “ILCA 2011: Babes on the Ground, Beating the Booby Traps!

  1. Thanks BforB for the cyber hug about our conference. There was lots of positive vibe, fantastic presentation, scores of recently-certified IBCLCs and first-time ILCA conference attendees. Booby Traps mentioned by name (as something to work toward eliminating …)!


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