Men and Cows…Making Human Breast Milk?

No, these stories aren’t from The Onion…they’re the real deal!

We think "human" milk from cows is suspicious, too!

1.  Genetically modified cows in China are purportedly producing human breastmilk. Sales plans project that it’ll be available in stores in three years. But just how close to human milk is it? As Miriam Labbok says, “In fact, this milk has only a few of the hundreds of factors found in human milk, and the cows themselves do not do well.”


2.  A man took on the project of inducing lactation….in himself. He wanted to know if men can breastfeed. He had no baby to nurse, though, and didn’t find any success.  He’s not the first man to try his hand at breastfeeding, either.


Brought to you by Hadley Stilwell & A Mother’s Boutique!

image credit: free foto

4 thoughts on “Men and Cows…Making Human Breast Milk?

  1. It’s nice to see science working towards some good and I am all for more nutritious foods. BUT with that said… HUMAN milk only comes from humans and all milk comes from BREASTS.

    You can’t get HUMAN milk from cows. Perhaps you can get some human/cow genetically altered hybrid milk, but that still would not produce HUMAN milk. That would produce “genetically altered human/cow hybrid milk”. &&& Where do ethics arise in this??? Are these cows going to be available for slaughter and human consumption as well or are they only generated for milk slavery??? Do I foresee a human/cow race/species civil rights movement in our future?? LOL!

    All kidding aside… To date, to my knowledge, human milk has not been scientifically replicated, nor can it. Human milk is constantly changing as is different from mother to mother. Formula companies have been trying unsuccessfully for years to replicate human milk and touting their swill as “like breast milk” (all milk comes from breasts, duh) some even claiming “more nutritious than breast milk” (uh, perhaps… depends on what breast you are comparing it too, ie- cow, goat, pig…).
    Young mothers today have enough information thrown at them, and the last thing they need is more misinformation and “boobie traps”. Calling whatever this milk is, “HUMAN” milk is just wrong. That is not what it is.


  2. Oh.. & Men breastfeeding??? IN MY DREAMS!!! I’d love it if it became a thing! My Husband was absolutely against it and thought I was nuts when I asked him if he’d like me to get him a suplementation system. lol!! but it would be awesome if it became a trend.


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