Donate to BfB for FREE!

Donate to Best for Babes…for free? How does that work?!

All you have to do is “like” our Facebook page!

It really is that easy! Three fabulous companies – Earth Mama Angel Baby, My Brest Friend, & Simple Wishes – have partnered with Best for Babes, each pledging $1,000. That means for every new “like” Best for Babes receives on Facebook from May 2nd-13th, a dollar will be donated – up to $3,000!

3,000 new “likes” on Facebook = $3,000 for Best for Babes!

The theme of our event is “Rebuilding the Circle.” All you have to do to help another mom this Mother’s Day is share our page with her. By doing that, you’re offering her support, empowerment, evidence-based information, and help with Beating the Booby Traps! We think that’s a pretty awesome Mother’s Day gift.

Of course, we couldn’t do what we do without your support and the support of our amazing sponsors. These companies are truly out there to support moms and breastfeeding, so we’re proud to have them on our team!

How can you help? Here’s how:

1 new “like” = $1.00.

That’s a $1.00 donation that costs you nothing – awesome!

If you already “like” our page, thank you! The next step is to recommend our page to your friends!

If you don’t already like our page, head over and “like” us, and that’s it – a dollar will be donated!

We’re counting on you to rally your friends and support our Facebook page, Babes!

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