Stars Kelly Preston & Miranda Kerr Show Soft Side of Breastfeeding

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, actress Kelly Preston and husband, actor John Travolta, share their joy over the birth of their new son, Benjamin.   The interview is beautiful and the photo on page 56 is priceless:  little Benjamin is smiling up at his mom either right before or right after nursing!   If  look closely at the photo you can see that her nightgown has been pulled aside over her breast, but the photo was done so tastefully that the focus is really on the magical bond between mother and baby, and probably only a breastfeeding mom or advocate would notice that she was nursing.  Huge kudos to People and the Travolta family for showing breastfeeding so naturally and normally in a way that can encourage and inspire moms.  

The story also has some great nuggets to help moms:  Kelly Preston had a c-section and shares that Benjamin was laid on her chest immediately.  Many moms and physicians don’t know that babies can be laid across the chest right after the section, and that it helps both mother and baby generate oxytocin, the anti-stress “love” hormone, keeps the baby warm better than an incubator, and facilitates the baby’s hunger cues.   Kelly goes on to talk about how Benjamin “is a really good sleeper, sleeping 4-5 hour stretches throughout the night”, and that she nurses him “for an hour before they fall asleep” and “several times throughout the night.”  John explains that because Benjamin “is being breastfed, he sleeps next to Mama for easy access” . . . another great opportunity to educate moms that by keeping babies nearby (for example in a co-sleeper), moms and babies sleep better and there is a lower risk of SIDS.    Finally, Kelly also talks about calming Benjamin with nursing,  reinforcing the evidence that breastfeeding lowers stress hormones, that breastfed babies generally cry less, and that breastfeeding plays an important role in soothing and nurturing baby, it’s not just food!    Thank you People and Kelly Preston for setting such a positive example for the 75% of mothers who decide to breastfeed!
Courtesy Kerr/Bloom Family

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr, who gave birth to a 9 lb 12 oz baby boy, Flynn, on January 12, chose to post an absolutely breathtaking photo of her son nursing in the side-lying position on her website, Kora Organics. shared the story, along with the details that she had an all-natural birth, free of pain medication.  Wow!   No easy feat with an almost ten pound baby, and one that should empower moms to have faith in their amazing bodies.  Miranda’s husband, actor Orlando Bloom, took the photo–we love seeing mamas nursing through the eyes of their partners!!  

We’re so thrilled that People Magazine and these lovely ladies and their families had the courage to talk about breastfeeding and to share such intimate pictures.   Breastfeeding needs to be seen because it’s like riding a bike:  it’s hard to imagine doing it until you see everyone else flying down the street.   Breastfeeding is also learned best by seeing it, and many moms don’t even know how simple it is just to pull aside a nightgown or how easy it is (and relaxing!) to snuggle up with baby, letting him or her nurse while lying down.   With the help of Kelly Preston & Miranda Kerr,  more moms are seeing just how normal and wonderful breastfeeding is.

14 thoughts on “Stars Kelly Preston & Miranda Kerr Show Soft Side of Breastfeeding

  1. I too loved seeing their stories be so pro-breastfeeding. I think it is important for women in the spotlight like this to really show their support of breastfeeding. Each article and photo helps to normalize breastfeeding, and I love that.


  2. I agree on the need to “normalize” breastfeeding once again. As we live in such a celebrity centered culture, can this power be harnessed for the cause? Can model and actress mamas do for BF what Clooney does for Sudan? Or what dancing with the stars has done for dancing? If the dairy farmers can get Heidi Klum and Rebecca Romjin to “get milk”, imagine what could be done for BFing!


    1. We couldn’t agree with you more and are doing our very best to do just that! We are very excited that Jenna Elfman gave us a statement for the US Surgeon General, and hope to be able to build a real celebrity cabinet.


  3. I nursed each of my babies for 3.5 years each, for a total of 7 years. They are the healthiest kids I ever knew! It wasn’t easy in those days, living in a suburb, and never seeing anyone else nursing in public, or anywhere else for that matter. I got all of my support online, which is where I first heard you could nurse past infancy.

    I’ve been a strong advocate for breast feeding ever since I had my kids, and I’m so glad that we are starting to see more beautiful nursing pictures in the media. It’s really helping to normalize something that used to be the norm! I just hope Facebook can hop on the bandwagon, and stop censoring nursing photos as “obscene”.


  4. Hooray! Thanks for sharing the good news. I sometimes watch that pregnant teen show on MTV and I’ve never seen one of those kids breastfeed. You’re right–we do what we see. They don’t bf because they don’t see it, and that will continue unless we have a balance like what People magazine is doing.


  5. How wonderful that these two mothers were willing to share their experiences with other moms. I had to have a can-section with my two boys and I didn’t know you could have the baby laid on your chest right afterwards. We would like to have one more baby so I will be sure to ask about this for next time. I would love to have that early bonding experience and to start the breastfeeding relationship right away.


  6. After 4 healthy boys…all natural, and medication free and breast fed…it is wonderful to see an article like this promoting something that is so natural!


  7. It made me sad because at 52 I realize that’s one of the few things I’ll never be able to do with my children ever again and it was one of the best parts of their childhood. 7 wonderful years between the 3 of them. Life was much easier then, booboo’s are easier to heal at 18 months than at 18 yrs old


  8. When I saw the Travolta’s on the cover of People, I snatched it up and was also very pleasantly surprised by what I saw and read in that cover article.
    I do have to admit my curiosity regarding Kelly having a c-section. The article made it sound like it was a choice. Does anyone know anything about this? I am not judging…as mentioned, just curious. It would seem that would not be a choice for a “natural” birth?
    Again, please understand me when I say, I am not judging her. I have respect for them and am quite encouraged and inspired by their choice to have another baby at their ages. We are 41 and 46 and also trying for one last baby.


  9. It is so good too see a smile on Kelly Preston’s face. I see how proud she is and by doing this how much she wants her baby to be healthier. Not all mothers are able to breast feed. My daughter couldn’t produce enough milk so she is blessed.


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