Give a little…get a LOT! The inaugural BfB Holiday Fundraiser.

Babes, I’m like a kid on Christmas morning here!

I don’t have any Christmas decorations up, though.  No tree…no lights.  Nothing.  If you walked through my house, you’d never know the holidays are upon us.

What I *do* have?  FIFTY boxes of breastfeeding goodies!  Fifty!!  (In fact, those are the reason we don’t have decorations up inside.  Fifty boxes take up a LOT of room!)

So what’s all that doing in my living room? (And dining room…and entry way…)

It’s for YOU!  We’ve put together the most amazing gift packages a Babe could ask for this holiday season!

And get this:  We’re selling these goodies at 60-65% off!!!!

There are 40 Limited Edition gift packages available for you to purchase – right now! – and all the proceeds go to BfB!  How’s that work?

Our amazingly generous sponsors made this possible.  They’re really amazing: $30,000 worth of amazing!  That’s right:  our partners donated $30,000 worth of breastfeeding goodies for this fundraiser!

There were no strings, no promised promotion.   These companies truly did this to support the Mother of All Causes!   $30,000 worth of product donated?  That is putting your money where your mouth is!

Each product that we included was chosen for a reason (really because I love them!).  Here’s the low-down on what you can get for your tax-deductible donation and why we included it in these packages:

Package 1 goodies:

A Mother’s Boutique:  $15 Gift Certificate Judy has been a fantastic supporter of BfB.  She’s a small business owner who goes out of her way to donate regularly and participate in our fundraisers!  She sells the gorgeous Annee Matthew line of nursing wear in her store…if you need an idea on what to put that $15 gift certificate toward. 😉

Ameda:  No-Show Breast Pads, Store N’ Pour Milk Bags.  Ameda makes one of the best pumps on the market in the Purely Yours Ultra (GET IT in Package 3!).  They’re thinking of moms in the design of these products:  no Babe wants the tell-tale breast pad ring showing through her shirt!  And they don’t want Babes crying over spilled milk, either! (See the breast pads here & the storage bags here.)

Balboa Baby: Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover.  We’ve all seen the news pieces about how gross public high chairs and shopping carts are (yuck!).  I’m all for germs in moderation, but there’s a line….and for me, the grocery cart was it!  I used a cover and it was such a handy thing to have.  If you’re wondering, the pattern we included is Geo Trim.

Belmama & Cherub, LLC: Gift Certificate for the Original Shower Hug.  Belmama & Cherub, LLC is another mom-owned business supporting BfB (owned by sisters, actually!).  Did you ever have sore nipples?  I did.  The shower spray was brutal!  I wish I’d had a Shower Hug while my nipples were healing.   Next time!  But you?  You can have one now – before Christmas, even!  (See it here.)

Best for Babes: Gift Certificate for our new Long Sleeve Tee.   You asked for ’em, so we have ’em!  Our brand new long-sleeve tees ready to go!  They are solid black with our signature raspberry pink logo on the front, and a little blurb about beating the Booby Traps on the back.  Love ’em!  (We included a gift certificate on any sized items, to make ordering these packages easier.)

Earth Mama Angel Baby: Breastfeeding Support Kit.  EMAB has been with BfB since the beginning.  We love their products and we know lots of you mamas do, too!   You’ll get their lanolin-free Natural Nipple Butter, Milkmaid Tea, Bosom Buddies, & Booby Tubes.  We love them for keeping it real and natural.  Worry-free products that work? Yes, please! (Check it out here).

Evenflo: SimplyGo Manual Breast Pump.  The 40 lucky owners of these gift packages get to try out Evenflo’s new SimplyGo manual pump!  It’s small, lightweight, and comfortable.   For Babes who don’t pump often, this is a great thing to have on-hand (also great for power outages!).  Use it with the milk storage bags we included in each package, and you’re all set!  We also *love* that Evenflo is a WHO Code Compliant company!!

GroVia: BioWipes sample, Tiiny Bubbles detergent sample, Magic Stick.  If you think of cloth diapers and think, “Ew!” — think again!  GroVia is reinventing cloth diapers to be easy, convenient, mess-free, and cute!  We love that they make products that are easy on baby *and* the environment.  Try samples of their BioWipes & Tiny Bubbles detergent (the detergent is ok to use on all laundry, not just diapers!). Know that the wipes are free of nasty chemicals & synthetic fibers (and don’t worry, the fibers they’re made from are renewable).  And the Magic Stick?  Awesome for diaper rash and even better that it doesn’t get all over your hands when you apply it! (See BioWipes here, Tiny Bubbles here, & Magic Stick here.)

Halo:  Organic Gift Set.  We know that SIDS is reduced when we remove fluffy bedding, blankets, & accessories from baby’s sleep area.  But maternal instinct says “cover that baby up!” – which is tough when you’re avoiding loose bedding.  Halo’s Sleep Sacks are perfect for keeping baby warm (and cute!) without adding any SIDS risk.  I love the organic cotton one included in this package (and Package 2) and that it unzips from the bottom (for stealth diaper changes!).  (See the Sleep Sack here.  Patterns in each package will vary.)

Hygeia: Milk Storage Bags, Hand Expression Kit.   Hand expression might be the last thing a pump company thinks of, but not Hygeia!  They realize what an important skill this is.  Rather than trying to use a plain bowl and try to salvage as much milk as possible in the transfer process, Hygeia’s hand expression bowl screws on to any wide-mouth baby bottle.  Voila – milk straight into the bottle, no fuss, no muss.  Not feeding baby right away?  Pour the milk into the included Hygeia milk storage bags.  (See the Hand Expression Kit here & the storage bags here.)

Melinda G:  Gift Certificate for the Tee Shirt Soft Cup Nursing Bra.  Melinda G’s best selling nursing bra!  Support the girls, Babe!  This soft-cup bra is free of wires (which, when poorly fitted, can lead to plugged ducts).  Seamless cups won’t show through your clothes and one-handed hooks make getting baby to breast a snap.  We love that they come in a wide range of sizes – one for every Babe!  (See the bra here.)

Milkies:  Milk-Saver Kit.  Did you ever start feeding on one side and simultaneously leaking the Milk of Momness on the other? Of course, you can’t really stop it and you hate to see the milk wasted (they don’t call it Liquid Gold for nothin’!).  If you pop the Milk-Saver Kit into your bra, you can collect that leaked milk and save it for later!  It’s a pretty hassle-free way to start your freezer stash, right? (See the Milk-Saver here.)

Milkmakers:  Gift Certificate for 50% off a 3-month subscription of Cookies.  I’ll be honest:  I was eating a lot of cookies when I started breastfeeding (and they weren’t to help my supply!).  Had I been offered good-for-me cookies?  That could help bolster my supply?  I’d be all over that!  (See the cookies here.)

Moby:  Knot hat.  For some reason, I didn’t catch on to the fact that newborns wear hats to keep warm until I was baby-in-hand (or rather, at breast!).  I ended up sending someone to pick some up for me.  The moral of this story?  Baby can never have too many hats!  Especially cute ones like the Moby Knot hat.  100% cotton.  (See the hat here.  Color in each package will vary.)

MotherLove: Nipple Cream.  You might know Motherlove for their amazing line of galactagogues.  Did you know their Nipple Cream is all-natural, certified organic, and is safe for baby, too?  (That means you don’t need to wash it off before your Babe starts a feed!) (See the Nipple Cream here.)

My Brest Friend: Travel Pillow.  For some Babes, a nursing pillow is a must.  But hauling it around?  What a pain!  Having an inflatable option is great:  compact and light when you don’t need it, but right there when you do.  Fits in diaper bags, luggage, etc- and takes up a fraction of the space/weight.  (See it here.)

Posh Pads: 2 pairs of Posh Pads breast pads.  If you’re leaky, you might as well be leaky with style!  Posh Pad are adorable nursing pads made from organic bamboo fabric.  Good for you, good for the Earth, and cute, too! (See them here.)

PumpEase:  Gift Certificate for a PumpEase, BfB Door Hanger, Breastmilk Storage Guidelines magnet.  Every Pumpin’ Mama needs one of these breastmilk storage magnets (one for her fridge, and one for any caretakers, too!).  The right info, right where you need it.  We love the BfB Do Not Disturb Door Hanger – perfect for keeping unwitting coworkers at bay while you pump!  And of course, we *love* the original PumpEase:  it’s cute, it doesn’t wear out, and it makes pumping SO much less of a chore!   They fit Babes of all sizes, too.  (See the PumpEase here, Magnet here, & Door Hanger here.)

Shari Criso:  Good breastfeeding classes can be few and far between!  So after you take a childbirth class locally, pop in Shari Criso’s Simply Breastfeeding DVD.  It’s like you’re sitting there, in her class!  Shari’s got a warm and inviting personality that puts you at ease.  She’s an IBCLC (as well as a nurse and Certified Nurse-Midwife), so she really knows her stuff!  And if you’re headed back to work, her Breastpumps & Briefcases CD is a must (listen to it a couple weeks before you need to go back to work & you’ll be all set!).  (See the DVD & CD here.)

Sixty Second Parent: The Triumphant Child (book).  We love Sixty Second Parent!  Their website has answers to tons of parenting (and breastfeeding!) questions, all in a quick and easily digestible format.  Look for their newborn care book, too! (See the book & their site here.)

Stokke: Sleepi Blanket.  Not only did Stokke donate awesome prizes (two Tripp-Trapp highchairs and accessories are up for grabs when you buy Package 1 or Package 2, and an Xplory stroller is the prize  up for grabs for Package 3!); they also included their Sleepi blanket, which is a sleep-sack style blanket.  Using a blanket like this reduces the risk of SIDS.  This one’s extra padded and cozy…happy snuggling! (See it here.  Pattern included is off-white; not shown on website.)

…and coupon codes from Belabumbum Lingerie, Larrivo Nursing Wear, and the author of Breastfeeding With Comfort & Joy!

Package 2 goodies:  Everything in Package 1, PLUS:
Belmama & Cherub, LLC: Wash Cloths.  These aren’t your average wash cloths!  Totally smooth and utterly soft, these are perfect for bathing your newborn.  (See them here.)

GroVia: Hybrid Cloth/Disposable Diaper Test Drive.  No pins!  No mess!  No toting cloth diapers out (if you don’t want to).  GroVia’s new biodegradable disposable diaper liners are SO much more eco-friendly than a regular disposable diaper.  And that means they’re safer for your baby, too.  Less nasty chemicals, but they maintain the ease of use and convenience of typical disposables.  Love these!  (See them here.  Shell colors are Mandarin & Vanilla.)

Moby: BfB Moby Wrap.  We obviously love the custom Best for Babes logo Moby Wrap!!  Our logo isn’t just a logo; we think it’s pretty beautiful all on its own!  Wear this awesome mom-loved wrap with the logo out, or reverse it to be plain black.  And baby can wear the Moby Knot Hat, too! (See our wrap here.  All proceeds go to BfB!)

MotherLove: Diaper Rash & Thrush Cream, Reusable Shopping Bag.  Diaper rash and thrush can really cramp a Babe’s style!  One can lead to the other, and both are notoriously tough to treat.  This all-natural salve is Babe-friendly (no nasty chemicals on baby’s skin!) and mama-friendly (it can be used on nipples to treat thrush).  (See it here.)  There’s also a great reuseable shopping bag included that folds back into itself when not in use. Eco-friendly all the way!

Posh Pads: 1 more set of the fab Posh Pads described above!

Package 3 goodies:  Everything from Packages 1 & 2, PLUS:

Ameda:  Purely Yours Ultra.  One of the best pumps out there! We love it because it’s a closed system (read: nothing can contaminate the tubing or motor, like mold, bacteria, or viruses).  We also love that they include multiple flange sizes…because Babes come in different sizes!  And (as if they could top this!) Ameda is WHO Code Compliant.  We just love them!!  (See the Purely Yours Ultra here.)

Belmama & Cherub, LLC: Burp Cloths.  These aren’t your average burp cloths!  Totally smooth and utterly soft (made from the same amazing fabric as the Wash Cloths; Wash Cloths not included in this package), your newborn will be comfy-cozy with these thrown over your shoulder. (Bonus: your clothes will stay clean!)  (See them here.)

GroVia: GroVia Experience Kit.  Everything you need to cloth/disposable diaper!  Use the biodegradable disposable inserts when you’re out (included in the Hybrid Test Drive!) and cloth inserts when you’re at home.  Nothing but 100% organic cotton on baby’s bum.   No nasty chemicals, no filling up the landfill.  Love this!  (See it here.)

Lifeforce Family Health Care:  Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy (book).  This book is bee-utiful!  It’s really incredible.  You really have to see it to do it justice — it’s like a coffee table book about breastfeeding!  It has all the evidence-based info you need (all the really important how-to’s!), but unlike any other breastfeeding book out there, that info is seeded among gorgeous photos of mamas nursing their Babes.  This?  This is the kind of book that can help a mama-to-be who’s unsure about breastfeeding, decide that it’s for her. It’s amazing!  (See it here.)

Moby: Mini Moby.  Try and top the adorable factor when you’re babywearing with your BfB wrap (see the description in Package 2) and your little one wears the Mini Moby.  Kids love to imitate their parents and now they can babywear their dolls!  Too cute.  (See it here.  Included in Sky or Pink.)

MotherLove:  Birth & Baby Oil.  Completely toxin-free and free of essential oils, this spray is perfect for caring for your newborn Babe’s delicate skin.  Use it for extra moisture in the dry winter months or even on cradle cap.  The gentle lavender scent is soothing for mama and her Babe.  (See it here.)

My Brest Friend: My Brest Friend Deluxe nursing pillow.  This nursing pillow is recommended most by lactation consultants for a reason!  Other pillows can sag and sit low in the lap; the My Brest Friend clips around mama so that her Babe is right at her breast.  No hunching to feed baby, no using extra blankets to make up for sag.  These are great! (See it here.  Included in light blue; other covers available.)

PumpEase:  Gift Certificate for a PumpEase Organic.  Take everything above about the original PumpEase and multiply it by “organic!”  No nasty chemicals.  Just your mama milk and happy hands-free pumping!  (See it here.)

Warm Milk: Baby Hobo convertible diaper bag.  You’re out running errands and your Babe is hungry.  You’re ready to NIP (Nurse In Public), but you have a hard time doing it without your nursing pillow (some moms do fine without one, some need the support).   This diaper bag flips open and has a super soft pillow that comes out.  Voila! Diaper bag becomes nursing pillow. (See it here. Included in Himalayan Blue or Lavendar.)

WHEW!  That is one HUGE list of goodies!  Our amazing partners were thrilled to donate to this fundraiser, and we’re thrilled to pass these products on to you at 60-65% off!

Any questions?  Email  Buying these awesome gifts is a tax-deductible donation!
Remember:  These are just 40 baskets, total!  15 each of Packages 1 & 2 and just 10 of Package 3.  Happy shopping!

When you buy any gift package, you’re entered to win one of three awesome prizes from Stokke, including their Xplory Stroller (worth over $1k!).  Click through below and go check it out!

Ready to SHOP?!  Get started!

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