Giving Thanks: Jenna Elfman Donates Breastmilk to Save Sick Baby, Beats Breastfeeding Booby Traps™

Actress Jenna Elfman shares her challenging breastfeeding experience, how she overcame obstacles, and how her pumped breastmilk helped save the life of a baby that was born drug-addicted.   Jenna Elfman won a Golden Globe for her role in the hit TV series Dharma & Greg, starred in the movie Keeping the Faith and just wrapped filming Friends with Benefits, set to hit movie theaters July 2011.  Jenna is married to Bodhi Elfman. They have two children, Story and Easton.  We’re naming Jenna a Best for Babes Champion for Moms and she also works closely with the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World.  Don’t forget to read our breastfeeding resources at the end of the interview! 

BfB:  Jenna, thank you so much for talking to us about your breastfeeding experience!